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  1. New skin mods of Boss, Samus, Ultraman, Eva Plugsuit.

    Eva Plugsuit - Rei
    2013-09-12_00033.jpg 2013-09-12_00036.jpg 2013-09-12_00040.jpg

    Eva Plugsuit Dress - Rei
    2013-09-12_00041.jpg 2013-09-12_00044.jpg

    EvaQ Plugsuit Asuka
    2013-09-12_00050.jpg 2013-09-12_00063.jpg

    EvaQ Plugsuit(Old) Asuka
    2013-09-12_00058.jpg 2013-09-12_00071.jpg 2013-09-12_00076.jpg

    206420_screenshots_2013-09-12_00018.jpg 206420_screenshots_2013-09-12_00022.jpg

    Samus Zero Suit
    206420_screenshots_2013-09-12_00003.jpg 206420_screenshots_2013-09-12_00006.jpg 206420_screenshots_2013-09-12_00012.jpg

    Current Boss 08/26
    206420_screenshots_2013-08-26_00002.jpg 206420_screenshots_2013-08-26_00003.jpg

    The old hairstyle I had, seems to have a name change(Hime hair?), and they also have a few nice long hair style now.
    Voice currently is type 1, pitch - 20~25

    SaintsRowIV_InaugurationStation 2013-08-06 22-46-48-97.png SaintsRowIV_InaugurationStation 2013-08-06 22-46-53-29.png SaintsRowIV_InaugurationStation 2013-08-06 22-47-01-62.png SaintsRowIV_InaugurationStation 2013-08-06 22-47-06-14.png SaintsRowIV_InaugurationStation 2013-08-06 22-47-08-28.png SaintsRowIV_InaugurationStation 2013-08-06 22-47-14-76.png SaintsRowIV_InaugurationStation 2013-08-06 22-47-37-31.png SaintsRowIV_InaugurationStation 2013-08-06 22-48-22-41.png SaintsRowIV_InaugurationStation 2013-08-06 22-48-39-92.png

    Two Female(Version Steam PC)

    Going to go work on a male chara now.
    SaintsRowIV_InaugurationStation 2013-08-06 23-06-21-40.png SaintsRowIV_InaugurationStation 2013-08-06 23-06-30-73.png SaintsRowIV_InaugurationStation 2013-08-06 23-06-33-07.png
    SaintsRowIV_InaugurationStation 2013-08-06 23-07-56-75.png SaintsRowIV_InaugurationStation 2013-08-06 23-08-07-32.png

    Hmm..might be easier to share your character through your profile instead.

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  2. Superman

    Superman Modding patch tester

  3. NopeD

    NopeD Modding patch tester

    Some bugs I found. I'll edit this as I come across them.

    Lace Gloves jacked up mesh (stretches down towards groin region)

    Volition shirt.... isn't

    Decker Specialist colours aren't working correctly

    Modern Soldier outfit is missing fingers

    Also, a lot of the outfits in the outfits tab appear to be separable (and were in SRTT) but they're not i.e. Modern Soldier, Catsuit, etc. What up with that? I want me some operator pants.

    Edit: Found more

    Inconsistent speculars(?) for various hairdos:
    2013-08-06_00014.jpg 2013-08-06_00012.jpg 2013-08-06_00011.jpg 2013-08-06_00010.jpg

    Topknot hairdo seems to have messed up blending. This is not present when using a male character mesh:
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  4. Sexy Schoolgirl

    Punk Thug

    Sadly, with the loss of the Russian female voice my 3rd 'regular' character is out. That southern belle voice could be awesome, though!

    I agree with you about some of those suits, NopeD. I was really hoping to see, or not see, outfits that couldn't be used mix and match. Very disappointing, though there was some nice new stuff.
  5. Minimaul

    Minimaul Site owner Staff Member

    I suggest uploading screenshots or linking to steam screenshots - linking to characters on the site gives links that often don't load for many users.
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  6. I think tkhat might be different version?
    Like I can't access the PS3 or XBox 360 link because my account is a steam account.
    So if posting a link, might be a good idea to post which version your is under.
  7. [​IMG]

    This was my Saints Row 3 character after import, wearing the clothes he had on when I uploaded him last (His pants aren't in this version, apparently, and I always forget to give him underwearz)


    And this is his updated look...well, at least for his presidential attire, once I get into the simulation he'll probably end up wearing the Cobra martial arts gi or the Jedi robes.
  8. The colours do work, they're just on the tiniest details.
  9. Example of clipping issues:

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