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  1. I've played through 2-IV with these two bosses, obviously their SR2 counterparts look a lot different. I seem to have caught the 1st one halfway through blinking. All 3 games have a cockney voice and all 3 have Kenn Michaels as one of the voices, which helps with synchronicity.
  2. Yes, it is private because i want to relesease them with some others clothes that arent finished yet :p

    But meanwhilem here it is:

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  4. Thanks for sharing this! I tested this dress a bit on several characters, on some there is an "clipping" effect (The body passes through the material)
    But overall it is very, very good. Great job! :)

  5. Emiliy Blunt + various hairstyles

    2018-08-07 12-30-39_Moment3.jpg 2018-08-07 12-45-35_Moment.jpg 2018-08-07 12-46-11_Moment1.jpg 2018-08-07 13-30-58_Moment6.jpg 2018-08-07 13-31-37_Moment2.jpg 2018-08-07 13-31-37_Moment3.jpg
  6. My Suicidegirl created character: Jessica Chaliss
    My Suicide girl_Moment5.jpg My Suicide girl_Moment9.jpg My Suicide girl_Moment10.jpg My Suicide girl_Moment11.jpg BestMoment20.jpg BestMoment28.jpg Suicidegirl3.jpg Suicidegirl6.jpg Suicidegirl1.jpg
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