Setting up the sliders for the head.

I’m interested in a modification that allows you to unlock the sliders to configure the character. I know there’s one that tunes the body, but it doesn’t tune the head. Like making ears like an elf. If there is such a fashion, give a reference to it. Scrinshot not my.


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Im pretty sure you can achieve that result just with the ingame customization, but if you want worst monstrosities you just have to edit the player_creation.xtbl files and tweak the values,
this tutorial explain how to change those values:

It talks about how to put your character in your whored mode version but one of those requirements its to change the file above-mentioned, there is some limits with every aspect of your body, but i suppose you just have to add a bigger value than the limit.

I never tried to do this on purpose tho, so take this info with a grain of salt.