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So I too had crashes to desktop on starting a new game, but I downloaded a 100% complete save for GOH online and playing that save had no problems. I want to be able to finish the story myself, so I wanted to know if anyone could start a new game, save it just at the start, and upload that save file for me?
Saves do work like that but it would require a little bit of editing of the remotecache.vdf file.

Attached are starting saves for Gat Out of Hell, they go in the same folder as the Saints Row IV saves. (Steam userdata "206420". You'll need to edit the remotecache.vdf file to point at the attached files.)

Any file prefixed with srg is for Gat Out Of Hell.

You may need to disable Steam's cloud saving (and possibly run Steam offline initially).

Good luck.


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(There seems to be a problem right now with Gat Out of Hell not being able to read Saints Row IV's save to import the "Boss" properly due to a change in SRIV's save file format. Since Volition didn't code Gat Out of Hell I have no idea if it will ever be fixed.)

According to there is also an issue if your Steam library is on a drive other than C:.


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I've got the same problem as well, tried the radio enabler and the game crashes every time I try to start a new game. I also get this error code from the mod:

[RadioEnabler] Opened log file.
[VersionDetect] Detected Saints Row: Gat out of Hell Steam - Patch #2.
[HookGame] Loading hooks and patches for Steam patch #2:
[HookGame] - hooking game loop...
[HookGame] - setting up Lua hooks...
[HookGame] - patching radio...
[HookGame] - disabling loading SRIV character...
[HookGame] - preventing character swap on co-op join...
[HookGame] - hooking window creation...
[Lua] vint button_animation: -1
[Lua] vint button_animation: -1
[Lua] vint Can't get actual size, element handle: 0 does not exist.
[Lua] vint Can't get actual size, element handle: 0 does not exist.
[Lua] vint image: nil
[Lua] vint amount: 0

Not sure what this means but it's obviously telling me the mod doesn't work at all.