Saints Row Total Control

Hello there, this is my first ever mod for Saints Row (2006)

Due to this being my first mod, there'll errors but aswell as changes that'll be made.

Replace "misc2.vpp_xbox2" and "pegfiles.vpp_xbox2" inside the "Packfiles" folder
Make Sure to backup your original Misc2 and Pegfiles before installing the mod in your "Packfiles" folder

What does it include?:

+ The playa now has cop anims and a few tweaks (although there's some errors, i.e levitating while crouching lol)
+ The cops are now on your side
+ The saints are your main rivals, gaining notoriety from them will spawn four saints in a lowrider armed with assault rifles coming to hunt you down
+ Edited some of the textures (planning to do more)
+ Added the Pimp Slap

[And more coming soon]

if you're interested of helping me out with SR1 Modding, you can reach me on Discord at TareqGamer#2896

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