Saints Row Revised

Upon Ben King's successful takeover of North Stilwater, Julius drops his flags, but Tanya & Tony have him killed before he leaves King's lobby.

As Julius is now dead, the Saints will never exist... Or will they...?

Join the citizens of Saints Row: Dex, Lin, Troy, Playa... And of course Johnny Gat as they bring down the 3 gangs of Stilwater from within.

And they may just discover that they have created a gang of their own in the process.

In this version...

Johnny Gat runs with the Vice Kings, and has Troy under his payroll at Stilwater PD.

Dex smuggles guns for Los Carnales.

Lin is the Westside Rollerz' racing champion.

And Playa just gets caught up in the chaos after robbing a liquor store. (And definitely not to pay this month's rent)

(I am not and do not speak Spanish, so just imagine Victor's lines are spoken in Spanish please)

Streets Of Stilwater:
Cutscene: Locked & Stocked
Hector, Angelo, and Victor are sat at the table poolside outside the Lopez Mansion.

Hector: Where is the shipment?

Angelo: The Vice Kings intercepted it while passing through Saints Row.

Hector: Who was responsible for the shipment's protection?

Angelo: We sent the new kid out to pick it up.

Hector: You mean Dex?

Angelo: That's the guy.

Hector: Send a crew to kill Dex if he's still alive, then make sure they recover the shipment.

Angelo: I'm on it.

All three of them stand up and leave the table.

Cutscene: On A Roll

More info to come...
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