Saints Row Reboot Tool (Extract/Patch)

Wanted to let you know, when I unchecked Enable Recursive, it worked. Unchecking and rechecking however still doesn't.

Edit: It worked in as much as the str2 files were extracted, but they weren't deleted from the extracted directory.
Weird, it should be fixed now in v0.2.1
So there is no way to look in or edit the str2_PC files yet right? I've modded Days Gone and GTA 5, but new to SR so sorry for the dumb questions. Trying to find the right area to tweak the camera to make it first person.

Edit: Looks like I found where the cameras are located. Just patiently waiting on how to edit and repack haha.
Any chance you can point us in the direction of that kindly.
Do you mind if other people submit pull requests to your repo? I noticed one or two parts where I think error handling might be possible to improve.
I know Sorrow446 is working on parsing the scribe_pad files which I believe has text data.

For me patching mod files is the priority right now
is there a good chance that the scribe pad files are the ones that have the values for song lengths for radio stations? it's the last piece of the puzzle needed to mod radio stations
Hey sorry for the late reply.. I keep forgetting to check back here. I'm not knowledgeable with the extracting and packing.. it's new to me thats why I'm looking to try it out. I have so many mods I want to do but it's just a waiting game for the files :)