Saints Row IV clothing in Gat out of Hell

The thing is that I'm on the GOG version of the game and it had no "mods" folder on it. Do I need to move all the files to the directory to make the mods folder or what?

Does anyone know the custmesh number for the "bone" or "skeleton" mask for this mod? It's not the same as the one listed in SRIV's customize_item.vpp_pc file.

UPDATE 02/23/2023

Disregard, found it; was looking for it in the wrong VPP _pc folder :blush:
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I can use only a few clothes, some conflict with Kinzy skin and I can not use the Image as design hair. My female character is bald with Kinzy spots of hair. Lol
I can't put my hairstyle on. So what should I do?