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Should i do custom color requests?

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Modding patch tester
is there any way to prevent affecting colours of already-customized vehicles?
(e.g. black car became turquoise after applying the mod)
and anyone know how to customized colours of DLC vehicles? (didn't work via Idolninja's mod)
I have installed this mod in the middle of the game, so my previous vehicles, including unique, became very strange coloured. For normal vehicles that's not a problem, since I can repaint them. But for unique vehicles, for example "Texas T", that's a problem, cause they now have broken colours and even IdolNinja's "Customize any vehicle mod" can't help: they're still uncolourizable. That'e even more funny is, when I tried to unistall this mod, vehicles, that had normal paint within that mod, wihtout it, now became "colour broken" too.

So, the main point is: can I someway manually repaint the unique vehicle or maybe spawn unique uncolourizable vehicles again?