Saints Row 2 PC Waste Not Want Not crashing

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Ratchet2929, Aug 11, 2019.

  1. This is why it crashed on me before and after that I uninstalled it. This happened way back when the mod was at a early stage.
  2. Extended Extras was more or less a test on what I could do. The crashing issue is more or less caused by my mod and not the mission checkpoints mod. I never figured out the 0% issue, I can only assume it was a script overload or something due to all the custom radio's, and triggers etc. In other words Extended Extras is a buggy mess, the only useful file is the custom sandbox + which mostly is just teleports to Unreachable rooms etc. The new cribs is a plus also, however to fully test I honestly recommend you uninstall Extended Extras and test that mission with just missions checkpoints installed and see if the issue still occurs. I really pushed the game to the limits with all the custom triggers and lua code etc, which by the way is a mess. More or less why most of my mods got cancelled. So just uninstall Extended Extras + or in other words use clean files then install the mods you want. Avoid the majority of my mods as is as they all have issues, the only decent mod that works half ass decent is the Customize Heli mod, but even it has a crashing issue if not following the instructions on how it works.
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