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    I frequently need to generate a patch.vpp_pc file. And I had been performed its work in a batch file until now. However, if I add a new MOD or change the name of the MOD there is necessary to rewrite the batch file. So I made an application that manage the MOD and generate new patch.vpp_pc file.

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    SHA1: 0422b25d489927e18b8258ce85b3a49388a02b93

    You can now copy patch.vpp_pc files with software, so you don't have to copy files manually.

    Fixed a bug that the file size may become larger than the correct size when the compression destination file already exists.
    Improved user interface.
    Removed unnecessary processing part of the compression library.

    I wrote a compression and decompression library for Saints Row2 vpp_pc files.
    This eliminates the need to call external tools.

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  2. This tool will come in handy thank you.
  3. Hello. I tried to use your texture pack and this tool. I put the mod in the mods folder and I copied the patch.vpp_pc file from my game folder into the patch.vpp_pc_original folder as your instructions said. The manager appears to work, but no new patch.vpp_pc file shows up in my SR2 folder. Pictures below of manager and ini file.

  4. Automatic copying to SR2 installation folder does not work due to access rights problem.
    Is the patch.vpp_pc file created in a folder with SR2ModManager.exe?
    If so, please manually copy that file to SR2 installation folder.

    Now I'm developing a new version of SR2Mod Manager.
    Improvement of UI is the main, and what you can do is the same as the current version.
  5. Version 2.01 no longer requires external tools for compression / decompression vpp_pc files.
  6. Operation has become easier with version 2.04.
    You no longer need to open Windows Explorer and manually copy the patch.vpp_pc file.
  7. Hello, is this tool compatible with GOTR? I know you can do a messy patch in the GOTR bat but I just want to be sure it is possible. Thank you in advance. :)
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