Saints Row 2 cvtf helper (vehicle customization)

Discussion in 'Tool Releases' started by Masamaru, Aug 23, 2015.

  1. This small tool helps with sr2's vehicle customization.

    sr2_cvtf_helper.exe have only a function that operates the sr2_vehicle_table_crunch.exe by "drag&drop" style user interface.
    So, you need to download the sr2_vehicle_table_crunch.exe from "Volition alpha tools" thread.

    Volition alpha tools


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  2. I plan to add a GUI editor features to this tool.
    However, until the completion it will take time.
  3. seems like your tool need some fix, when i tried this to convert attrazione xtbl it says "could not parse customization tables"
  4. Did you place the CAR_2DR_EXOTICSPORTS01.xtbl and car_2dr_exoticsports01_cust.xtbl in the same directory?
    These two files are stored in the common.vpp_pc file.
  5. yep! included the cvtf crunch inside my folder
  6. It works without any problems in my environment.
    I guess there're some syntax error in edited CAR_2DR_EXOTICSPORTS01.xtbl file.
    (or there is a possibility that two .xtbl file is corrupted for some reason.)

    Please try to confirm whether can be converted by the original file that has not been edited.
  7. as long as i remember, i didn't edit the xtbl. what should i do then?
  8. Please refer to the conversion procedure in the image.

    Fig.1 Drag <carname>.xtbl and drop it on sr2_cvtf_helper.exe

    Fig.2 Execution window when it is completed successfully

    Fig.3 <carname>.cvtf file was generated successfully.
  9. I'm getting the same problem. Maybe make a video tutorial?
  10. sr2_cvtf_helper.exe works standalone.
    However, sr2_vehicle_table_crunch.exe is likely to rely on some external run-time because the source code is not public.
    The most likely thing would be the .Net Framework 4.x or Microsoft Visual C ++ runtime.

    I want you to wait for a while for the video tutorial. Because I'm busy now.
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