Saints Row 1 HUD

Well, this mod basically recreates how the first sr game hud would look like in Saints Row 2. It only changes the notoriety bar colors and gang Icons, nothing more..
Perhaps i plan to update with something else soon.

How To Install:

Method 1 - GOTR: After you downloaded it, you proceed to place the files in "1-MODDERS_-_PUT_YOUR_OWN_PERSONAL_MODS_HERE" folder and then you build the patch.

Method 2 - Mod Manager: After you download it, you proceed to create a new folder (call it whatever you want, is optional) inside "mods" folder. Run the program, select the folder that you created and then you create the patch.

Credits to:
- @IdolNinja and the GotR team
- @Minimaul for his tools
- @Masamaru for his mod tool
- @nclok1405 for his mod


  • Saints Row 1 HUD - Default.rar
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  • Saints Row 1 HUD - SuperUI.rar
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