Saints Row 1 HQ Texture Pack for Saints Row 2 v4.2 FIXED

Discussion in 'Mod Releases' started by FusionH2o, Jun 21, 2018.

  1. I'm trying to make it more like Saints Row 1 than Saints Row 2.

    Good for you. Have you tried looking on Saints Row 1 for the mountains in the skybox? Have you found any? I been everywhere in that game as far as I could swim, there are invisible walls everywhere and a message appears saying "Dont leave, The Saints need you in Stilwater", still I haven't seen mountains in the distance.
  2. I was only asking I wasn't trying to make you it's all good here
  3. I understand that. It kinda sucks that SR2 had mountains in the skybox and Saints Row 1 didn't. It's not your fault, it's not my fault but it is Volition's fault.
  4. Ok folks, I revamped the starting screens and the main menu, it's named "Back to the row" and it's got transparency , have a look:

    SR2_pc 2019-03-13 14-20-56-41.png

    Look similar?:
    SR2_pc 2019-03-13 15-29-40-88.png

    I could have the last image adjusted where the "2" was overlapping the "Back to the row" but if I did the "2" would be cut in half :(

    EDIT: I got it fixed by dragging the Title up just a lil bit from it's position:
    SR2_pc 2019-03-13 18-58-42-52.png
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  5. I like the loading screen but the main menu just feels crammed. It would be quite pretty if it was just "Saints Row: Back to the row" (pls fix capitalization) without the GoTR text. Also that big off-center 2 on the screen doesn't blend well. I really like the core design tho.
  6. Sorry, I didn't create it, I used it with permission just to see what the main menu would looked like. I could somehow replace the "row" as "Row" and see what happens.
  7. Going for a different approach:
    Was before:
    SR2_pc 2019-03-14 19-25-29-19.png

    Now look:
    SR2_pc 2019-03-16 04-05-06-90.png
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  8. Here is the final screens for version 4.3: (Don't worry, I haven't removed the GoTR logos)
    SR2_pc 2019-03-16 11-08-55-33.png

    Powered by:
    SR2_pc 2019-03-16 11-09-01-08.png

    SR2_pc 2019-03-16 11-09-05-65.png

    Main Menu:
    SR2_pc 2019-03-16 11-09-12-94.png

    I wanted to use this for the Main Menu but it's not got a capital R in the Row.
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  9. upload_2019-3-17_10-58-39.png
    I did this in real quick
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  10. I still think you could just do this and call it a day. It would fit the theme of the texture pack more than anything.
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