Saint STAG Elite Commando armor

Discussion in 'Mod Requests' started by Hanthome, Apr 6, 2018.

  1. Hi dear modders !

    My favorite armor in the game is the STAG Elite Commando armor, the one that is white and orange. Saddly, I like to wear purple to cosplay as the Boss of the Saints, and the orange doesn't quite does it for me (I use Skinballs). Could it be possible to add a wearable STAG Elite Commando outfit with the following modifications :
    - The orange modified to be "Saint-like" purple
    - The white armor stays white
    - A purple Saint "fleur de lys" on the back to replace the STAG logo
    - Cut out the texture of the helmet so you can see the character's face (if possible)

    Thanks in advance and have a great day ! :)
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  2. have how to use the tool you have to edit the colors you want, friend
    look for this tool ThomasJepp.SaintsRow, remembering that you have to have gimp
  3. I want to help you, this is what I do with people I help them, I know the files that have to extract from the vpp I can help you.
  4. Interesting, the textures for the elite outfit and the commando are nearly identical.
    stag_lg_upper_d.tga.png stagcom_sm_upper_d.tga.png
    stag_lg_lower_d.tga.png stagcom_sm_lower_d.tga.png
    If I build off of rastaman289's mod, I might need to ask for permission. However if you are okay with having the extra eye wear on the helmet like the vanilla suit. I can probably release it as a stand-alone.

    feel free to edit these textures, I still have a bit to look into. Maybe we can make the colours customizable or glow.

    Edit: The SRTT version of the textures are higher quality, edit these ones instead.
    stagcom_lg_upper_d.tga.png stagcom_lg_lower_d.tga.png
    Saints Row  The Third Screenshot 2018.04.08 -
    couple of ranks/variations I would like to explore: solider (male/female + open visor), commando (half visor), Temple (green), Kia (?).
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  5. Thank you guys both ! Not quite what I wanted, but we're getting closer, thanks again ! :)
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  7. If you can, please make the same armor from the first picture you made for the female character, but with the colors from the second picture. I will be very grateful.
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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