Rifle new running animation! v.1

Hello people! My internet was down and shit, and I wanted to post this mod! Here it is- New running animation for AK-47! (v.1) (GOTR NEEDED!)

The thing is, I messed with some anim files, and figured out how to change the running animation of weapons. (Its a bit hard though, because all anims are linked).

What does it do?

  • It changes your normal AK running animation to the animation it uses for McManus Sniper!

Coming up in v.2-

  • Any running animation requests. (Comment below)
  • This same sniper animations for other rifles!

Installation- (GOTR NEEDED!)

Put the file in- \Saints Row 2\optional_mod_stuff\1-MODDERS_-_PUT_YOUR_OWN_PERSONAL_MODS_HERE

Thanks to IdolNinja and other members for creating the awesome GOTR!

(Please tell me if it works or not. I think most of my mods don't work because I haven't learned much.)



  • anim_groups.xtbl
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Fun fact the McManus running animation is the sr1 running animation just recycled. All the other running animations for 2H weapons are the same.