Retexturing Saints Row IV, For Dummies

Hey I have one quick ?'s. I'm just wondering after all is said and done how do I upload it on to Steam Mod Workshop for Saint Row IV? It will be great to hear your answer soon as possible :). For now thank you.
every time i try to run that SR3TextureUtilities file to extract the textures it just opens then closes instantly (im running windows 10 but i dont know if thats the problem)
nothing happens when i do that thanks for your help though all i get is a red circle with a line through it when i hover over the file
Hello everyone! I have a quick question on how do I go about at making my retextured mod a standalone mod, meaning how do I adjust my retextured suits' prices/ respect exp? It would be great hear from anyone on how to go about this? Please do note when it comes to coding and shit I am dumb as a bag of door knobs so, I hate to say it ugh, you might need slowly spoon feed me the info lol....ugh #moronofthecommunity . If you want proof of this good look my conversation with flow754 on this page of the forum: .
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So I started with a Vpp.pc file to make a personal file retex of the delsin mod, followed all steps to breakdown and repack it, replaced the mod, however the piece I replaced (The jacket) now does not appear, now
I did do two things ( Well four)
1.saved as DXT1
2.saved as DXT5
but also
1. selecting but not updating ASM in the mod file
2.leaving second box of the packer empty.
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You should update asm_pc file too otherwise any changes you make won't be visible.
The Asm in the mod's extracted file or the Asm in the SRIV Folder? because I did both via the packbuild and the tools streamupdate.

You should update asm_pc file too otherwise any changes you make won't be visible.
I got it!
I ticked update and updated the customize_item asm inside the Delsin extracted folder on both the packbuild from cust mesh folder to Str2.pc, then updated again on Str2.pc/entire folder to VPP_pc.
Thank you I wouldn't have realized it. I literally tried everything without ticking update for the actual mod's folder!
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