Resorep will save us all(Maybe not)

User "victorzvyagin" made a video "How to mod Agents of Mayhem with Resorep" and posted it on the AOM Steam forum here:

Here's the video he made:

And, just to correct the title of this topic, it's Major Caveat who will save us. ;)


(Thanks, IdolNinja)
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Yeah, I am the guy who ask victorzvyagin to make a tutorial few month ago for Resorep
Dude are you still taking request? Look for my comment

I also found a file Extractor that works like Bethseda Extracter for Fallout 4 (Treeview, Allows preview), but I don't understand the file names
One request was to reskin Gat as Professor Genki

Attempted to use Tool.
AOM couldn't launch cause the d3d11.dll doesn't work with it, I had to delete it and go back to the org_d3d11.dll.

Ray Wings doesn't mention (The d3d11.dll being changed) this so you'll think the Tool screws up your backups up the original d3d11.dll switches it with different file that stops the game from starting at first.
You just need see first if you have a org_d3d11.dll in folder then delete the d3d11.dll & game_d3d11.dll > rename org_d3d11.dll to d3d11.dll > Run AOM in Windows > Delete, Re-extract & Open ResoRep > Select Application > Advance Settings > Enable mod Creator Mode (Should be enable by default) > Follow video from here

I need to start from scratch to see how it works this having to "tinker" with software makes it difficult.

And now for some reason after deleting & repasting Resorep it works (I think you need to run Resorep with AOM in Windows via Alt + Enter).

Now the files can't open w/Paint.NET which supports .DDS, is this a different version of .DDS?

Yeah, if you can't open the .DDS even though Paint.NET support .DDS, is cause the Extracted .DDS is DX11.DDS, Paint.NET supports & has plugins to support DX9 & DX10 .DDS.
...THIS AGAIN first it was FBX version in SR4 to convert to Blender & now the .DDS version in AOM is DX11!!!

Apparently there is alot of info I just found...I don't blame anyone its not like they changed the format from .DDS9 to .DDS11

UPDATE: Rename .DDS to .DDS2
Based on what I read on a DX .DDS Plugin for Paint.NET actually supports DX11 .DDS, but there is like BC7 that has to do with DX11...yeah layer of versions with versions...I'mma Test though

So the following I did at the same time
- Updated Paint.NET to & .NET Framework
- I downloaded this Plugin for Paint.NET > Place .dll Files in Paint.Net's FileTypes
- I renamed the file from .DDS to .DDS2 (The Plugin requires it) & IT OPENED IN PAINT.NET
- I recommend Advance Renamer for batch renaming (Bulk Rename Utility doesn't rename everything)
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Updated version of AoM doesn't let Resorep to extract anything (in my case)

When did they update?
I recently bought AOM just about a week ago.
- Did they add Turrets or Cannons to Agent Vehicles that have thier own attacks or emit Gremlin Tech (Turrets =LoDam/HiSpd/Small & Cannon =HiDam/LoSpd/Big) or Give Vehicles Mayhem Abilities in the Update or new DLC?
- Allow readable interfaces at resolutions lower than 800x600?
- Rework the Skin Changer so you scroll Vertical for Costume Changer & Horizontal per Costume for Skin Changer?
- Allow users to control the very high glowing, gamma, effects amount and/or lighting?
- Add Modding Support for overriding/cloning Skins or Models (Cause my skins gain high glow)?

I had to tinker with Resorep for it to work. I'll release a thorough tutorial/full answer at some point, I made a thread & proof about using ResoRep.
or maybe the reason Modded Skins don't work is cause how The Tool extracts the texture (To each thier own) & cause everyone needs to have the tool