Repacking and installing a Misc.vpp_pc file mod

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  1. Hello. I need a little guidance with a mod I'm working on. I unpacked the GOOH misc.vpp_pc file, in order to change a texture inside of a cpeg file within. My problem is, I don''t see any asm file that I would usually use to update the vpp file with. Is there one? If not (if so) what do I do? Additionally, once the vpp file is re-packed, do I store it straight into my install folder or within the packfile/pc/cache folder?
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  2. You can use this feature on here to look for your file and check if an ASM is associated with it: Saints Row Mods File Search
    In SRTT you don't even have to repack the texture back into misc.vpp_pc but can just drop the texture files into the root folder I'm guessing the same will apply for GooH.
  3. Thanks for the help; much appreciated.

    UPDATE: I placed my new ui_map_world_city.cpeg_pc/ gpeg_pc files into the install folder (after re-packing the cpeg file), but there's no change of texture when I go back in game. What step am I missing? According to the search tool no ASM file is associated with these.
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  4. Tbh I don't know what's up with the map texture, I tried editing it in SRTT and had the same problem that it didn't show up in game.
  5. Thanks for trying.
  6. Other textures I edited work, weapon icons, homie icons, hud stuff like phones, but for some reason not the map.
  7. On a similar note, have you had any success with editing billboards in the game. I've tried to edit different textures from the sr4_5_city files but once again when I go in game, they appear unchanged. I think I may not be re-packing and installing them right. If you (or anyone) has had any success with this, can you tell me what you do, step by step, to make it work?
  8. Billboards for GooH? Nah I haven't touched billboards in any game yet.
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