Removing the <Multi_Slot> flags breaks menus

Discussion in 'Get Help/Troubleshooting' started by NopeD, Nov 5, 2015.

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    I'm trying to make it so the hats/masks that only cover the eyes don't remove lipstick off my character (and I mean downright removes it, I have to go back to IAD to reapply makeup).

    I'm assuming the
    Code (Text):
    is what does this but removing it makes the hat menu lock up as soon as I try to previe the item.
    What gives?

    Also I'm trying to get rid of the lipstick restriction with the goalie mask but I'm guessing that it's done through the obscured VIDs. Is there a list of these or am I gonna have to do trial and error?
  2. Probably will not help with the mask your referring to but it will with others. Don't remove the slot replace it with something else is what i did. So if it's hat item replace mouth in the slot i.e. first slot "headwear" second slot "facewear" . This doesn't work with all items like the reader hat, strainer hat, amazon mask, generic hero mask, killbane mask or that other super hero mask that covers only the eyes just makes them stop working. Haven't tried the goalie mask yet. With suits replace mouth in the slot with first slot "upper body" second slot "lower body" You can also remove glove restriction on upper body and suit items in this same way so you can wear nails or rings. You will obviously have to remove the mouth and/or glove Obscured slots if there are any as well. I would like to know how to remove the mouth restriction on the above items as well. Hope this help u in some other way.

    I'm trying to get some help too removing hair restrictions on some hats maybe you know how to help?
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