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Realistic Time of Day/Weather

Discussion in 'Mods in Progress' started by FusionH2o, Oct 2, 2017.

  1. This will be a whole different mod than the ones I made in the past. This mod will feature realistic sky effects, such as clouds, fog/smog, beautiful sunrises and sunsets, realistic daytime sky colors and darker night skies.

    Here's a sneak peek of the sunset:
    SR2_pc 2017-10-02 05-36-57-07.png
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  2. Update:: The Sunset has been redone and the night sky looks more like a real night sky, mountains return on this one unlike the weather mod that brings Saints Row 1 weather to Saints Row 2. There are 8 different time periods in the time_of_day.xtbl file.
    Change of mind, looks like I'm not able to upload any sneak-peeks thanks to this ERROR!!
  3. Gonna give it another try. You got to see these screenshots!

    Daytime: The setting was set to clear skies but expect the whole daytime to look just like this unless the game changes it's weather.
    SR2_pc 2017-10-09 06-14-04-45.png

    SR2_pc 2017-10-09 06-19-01-68.png

    Nighttime (another angle) There are more stars than you can count!
    SR2_pc 2017-10-09 06-19-10-39.png
  4. Remember I mentioned the sunset has been redone? Not sure if this will stay or go, or revert back to the one I had before in the first screenshot at the beginning of this thread.

    Keep it or Nah?
    SR2_pc 2017-10-09 14-26-54-98.png


    Go back to this one?

    Here's a sneak peek of the sunset:
    View attachment 17517
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  5. Both sunsets look beautiful :)
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  6. True but only one can stay :( Unless I can combine them ;)

    Edit:: I have combined the two sunsets but it's not what I wanted so that's out of the equation. I have tab darker blue skies with more bright horizons coming soon!
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  7. I like it, are those new cloud textures, and if so are they HQ?
  8. Yes they're HQ and HD. I also gotten the sky darker blue and it looks like this:
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  9. I thought the game had issues with HD textures? Personally I think your third post has the best colors.
  10. It does to a certain degree. There's no issues with clouds so far.
    I'm just experimenting with different shades of colors. The shade of color for the above post actually came from Madonna's video "Ray of Light" ;)