Re: Flippy's video

Are you aware though of the takeover of Flippy's account? There's a lot of evidence pointing to Mini with that...
I am aware of the account takeover from reading this thread, but I was not reading the forum when the event occurred so I didn't see the actual posts (which have apparently been deleted). I don't know what evidence there is pointing to Mini, so I can't comment on that.

I've been on this forum for 9 years, and I remember the good times when everyone was working together toward a common goal. I think a lot of people, including myself, became disenchanted with the Saints Row series as Volition seemed to lose direction in the game's continuity with each new game they released. That led to a lot of frustration and apathy among fans. All this work -- creating mods and mod tools, forum programming and administration, and game engine development -- takes a LOT of time and effort. And most of us have full time jobs too. I suspect all of that was a factor in some poor choices that were made.