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Discussion in 'Mod Releases' started by xQd, Jul 6, 2013.

  1. xQd

    xQd Modding patch tester

    This mod is for those who want to make the freeroam more unpredictable.

    What it actually does ?
    -Well with this mod you will find yourself attacked by either Morningstar,Luchadores or Deckers during freeroam in some certain interval of time.(STAG/Police will be added soon).

    Conditions for triggering the encounter
    -You need to have at most level 1 gang notoriety or no notoriety at all to trigger the random encounter.Police notoriety doesn't count so you will get the encounter even at level 5 police notoriety.

    The interval of time between the encounters
    -Since the last update the interval of time between encounters is dynamic:The encounters will start exactly after mission 3 with a low chance of them being triggered.The frequency of the encounters will be enhanced by the amount of missions finished(STAG and DLC missions will not affect the encounter frequency).

    What should you expect from an encounter?
    -The gang encounters are random too the most pleasing case is when you meet only gang members but it can be much worse for example you can encounter brutes too.(be ready or be hunted)
    -With the last update the gang that attacks you hinges on how far you are in the game;for example if you finish the Deckers storyline arc then the you will encounter The Luchadores the most.

    What happens during the encounter ?
    -The gang members you kill during the encounter makes the notoriety accumulate at a maximum of level 3 notoriety (you start at level 1 notoriety).The resulting notoriety will be permanent and will not go below level 2.To get the heat off you,visit an owned store or crib.

    -the encounters trigger during missions and activities *fixed

    Version 1.0
    -made the encounters dynamic and based on the missions you done
    -the gang that you encounter is also based on how far you are in the game

    Installation instructions : Unzip the archive and put sr3_city.lua in "\Steam\steamapps\common\saints row the third".

    Have Fun !

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  2. Tried yesterday and is actually fun! It work just right: luchadores chased me to a deckers roadblock in one of my controlled hoods, police got involved too and because of my "a thought City" mod civilians jumped into the rumble too! :D
    Lot of fun!
  3. Sounds like a cool idea, although random attacks might get annoying after a while. It would be nice if the encounter frequency could vary based on gang control of a neighborhood but obviously that isn't possible right now.
  4. xQd

    xQd Modding patch tester

    Actually I'm planning to make it based on how far in the game you are for example if you complete Return to Steelport then you have a higher chance of encountering the luchadores,until then the morningstar will hunt you the most and so on.Also the enemies you encounter will be based on how far you are in the game.Those are the only things I can do for now ;).
  5. Mordred

    Mordred Guest

    I'm so fucking loving this mod and I only installed it about half an hour ago. I'll certainly try and put some time aside and test it with a few missions and activities.

    PS Would it be feasable to combine this with the sandbox+ sr3_city.lua file, as I'm sure it would encourage more people to give this mod a go. I do understand that it's still in beta though.
  6. xQd

    xQd Modding patch tester

    Thank you for your appreciation and I already have found out that the encounters activate during the missions/activities(it happened to me with morningstar goons joining the party during the heli activity with kinzie,the resulting thing was that not only the deckers were posing a threat to kinzie but the morningstar too;it was fun killing both of them but clearly it is just wrong considering that only the deckers should be attacking)

    On the other hand,I also figured out how to disable the encounters during the missions and activities and I will implement this in beta 2 version.

    Considering that beta 2 will be the last update I will be making until the SDK will be released then I will release beta 2 for sandbox+.
  7. Mordred

    Mordred Guest

    You may want to consider disabling during vehicle thefts as well. But hey, I got that bitch of a bike to it's destination and had a lot of fun doing so. 2013-07-19_00006.jpg
  8. Arglaar

    Arglaar Nitpicking Bastard Staff Member

    I dunno, why wouldn't you leave it in during the vehicle thefts?
    I can't think of any reason why the enemy gangs would not take any chance they could to get a few digs in at you and try their best to cause you to fail at your task.
  9. Mordred

    Mordred Guest

    That may be okay for the lower notoriety thefts, but a bit much when you steal something like the temptress which already attracts 4 shields of police notoriety.

    Edit On second thoughts it may be a good idea when you use police forgiveness for the really hard ( impossible ) thefts like the dump truck etc.
  10. Arglaar

    Arglaar Nitpicking Bastard Staff Member

    The answer, Dear Sir, to the high notoriety thefts, is the RC Possessor.
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