Random Encounters Mod [with STAG,SWAT,old gangs and more]

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  1. xQd

    xQd Modding patch tester

    Random Encounters Mod - For Saints Row IV

    Zinyak knows a lot about your past and all the shit you survived from.So he decides to throw the best he can at you in the moment when you are the most unprepared and vulnerable.

    This mod makes the simulation much more unstable and unpredictable because you will get attacked by different types of enemies at times when you less anticipate and at random intervals.

    Even Gat is fascinated by how many enemies you can encounter in this mod:


    Installation instructions:Unpack the attached arhive and put the files inside "\Steam\steamapps\common\Saints Row IV\" (where SaintsRowIV.exe is) and it's all done !

    It is also fully compatible with my Intensive Hardcore Mod:Version 1.8,so if you have that mod installed and you are required to replace some of the files,don't hesitate to do it.
    WARNING:If you have only this mod installed and you decided to also
    install Intensive Hardcore Mod,then follow the next steps in order:

    1).Uninstall Random Encounters Mod
    2).Install Intensive Hardcore Mod
    3).Reinstall Random Encounters Mod.

    Changelogs(any new update will be represented with a "new" kind of symbol):
    09.09.2013 - Version 1.1
    - added a new cash reward system and fixed some bugs
    09.11.2013 - Version 1.2
    - added the overpowered vehicle restriction during the random assault + some optimization to the script code
    -the encounter will never trigger if you are inside a restricted vehicle
    09.14.2013 - Version 2
    - this is a very important version,it fixes a lot of bugs,such as the never ending assault
    -extended the attack time to a maximum of 8 minutes
    09.22.2013 - Version 3
    - changed the cash reward system,now the amount of cash you get depends on how many kills you make (only the threats count)
    09.29.2013 - Version 3.1
    - added STAG troops.They will come in N-forcers,Crusaders and Vtols
    - added SWAT troops.They will come in APC's
    10.04.2013 - Version 3.2 <- NEW
    -SWAT troops now come in better vehicles such as blackhawk helis,apcs and riot vans
    -Fixed a bug where STAG troops wouldn't count as kills

    -[UNFIXABLE] The encounters trigger during virus injections.
    -[FIXED] in [V1.1] When you activated a mission/activity during the attacks then you would not receive your powers back
    -[FIXED] in [V2] Sometimes vehicle restriction wouldn't work,meaning no countdown display on your hud,never ending assaults and a lot of bugs similar to that
    -[FIXED] in [V3.2] STAG troops wouldn't count as kills

    A more detailed description of the mod:

    Interval between attacks - between 5 and 10 minutes.

    Conditions to trigger the encounter:
    -you have to have at least level 0 or 1 notoriety
    -you have to be in the simulation and not in the real world ( duh !)
    -you have to be in freeroam mode and not in a mission/activity
    -[V1.2] you have to be on foot or in regular cars.Being in a tank,vtol/ufo,plane or heli will not trigger the encounter

    What happens during the attack:
    -you are warned when the enemies are inbound to your location
    -Golden CID doesn't spawn
    -there is a very high chance that your superpowers may be deactivated
    -the gateway portals and their functions are disabled
    -the attacks will cease down after 3-6 minutes
    -you receive messages regarding how many minutes are left until the attack ends and [V 3] how many kills you got
    -maximum Zin notoriety is 2
    *[V 1.1]-if you die or activate a mission/activity then the attack automatically stops and the timer resets when you are back in freeroam mode
    *[V 1.2]-entering a tank,vtol,heli or plane will trigger a 5 second countdown displayed on the lower center of your hud.If you don't exit the vehicle in time,the attack will automatically end
    *[V 3]- cash begins to accumulate for each kill (civies don't count),you get the whole gathered cash after you survive the attack

    What happens after the enemy assault ends:
    -You are informed that the assault has been repelled
    -The accumulated Zin notoriety remains
    -Golden CID is available
    -You regain your superpowers (if necessary)
    -The countdown for the next assault restarts
    *[V 3]- You receive your cash reward (amount hinges on kills)

    The following list determines what kind of enemies have a chance to come after you:
    -Zin Grunts
    -Cops in peacemakers,bikes and even helicopters
    -Tanks and APC's
    -Generic Pastgangs:Vice Kings,Ronin,Brotherhood,Morningstar
    -Question Marks
    -Superpowered Deckers
    -Black Dude Viruses
    -Trojan Viruses
    -Glitched peds
    -Toilets (very aggressive avengers )
    *[V 3.1]-STAG in N-forcers,Crusaders and Vtols
    *[V 3.2]-SWAT in APC's,Blackhawk Helicopters,Riot Vans <- NEW

    Have fun with those question marks ! Oh, and watch out for the liquidator-toilets !

    Mod Gallery:
    2013-08-30_00001.jpg 2013-09-11_00001.jpg 2013-09-11_00002.jpg 2013-09-22_00002.jpg 2013-09-22_00003.jpg 2013-10-04_00002.jpg 2013-10-04_00001.jpg 2013-10-04_00003.jpg 2013-10-04_00005.jpg 2013-10-04_00006.jpg 2013-10-04_00008.jpg 2013-10-04_00012.jpg 2013-10-04_00009.jpg 2013-10-04_00015.jpg 2013-10-04_00014.jpg 2013-10-04_00017.jpg 2013-10-04_00016.jpg 2013-10-04_00018.jpg 2013-10-04_00027.jpg 2013-10-04_00026.jpg 2013-10-04_00024.jpg 2013-10-04_00020.jpg 2013-10-04_00019.jpg 2013-10-04_00022.jpg

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  2. This mod is bloody amazing. Adds a lot more realism to the game: Why would Zinyak let you roam around, free as a bird, knowing you're rallying up allies, and taking control of the simulation? I like this mod~<3
  3. Ava


    Sounds very interesting! Especialy for co-op. ^^
  4. This mod is cool!

    Maybe you can work on something similar to this like super powered enemies (like Julius, Minecraft dude,Tanya, etc.) to appear randomly in the free-roam too? But at the same time keeping your super powers? Fighting only wardens as the enemy with super powers is getting kinda boring in the free roam. :confused:
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  5. Great stuff. Goes especially well with the Hardcore mod when an attack begins during one of those souped up Virus Injections. It seems unfair at first, then you realize "hey, I have a flying saucer." This actually gives you a reason to use vehicles.

    I did notice one problem though. If you enter an instanced activity while under assault:

    1. You do not regain any super powers you may need for the activity. (Fight club is...interesting with no powers.)
    2. When you finish or leave the activity, you are unable to enter the ship indefinitely. The timer stops ticking down, you remain without any powers you lost, forever...or at least until you load a save, die, or another assault begins and ends.

    The first may be intended, but I don't think the second is.
  6. xQd

    xQd Modding patch tester

    Both of those problems will be fixed in the next release + a new feature will be added.Thanks for the heads up.
  7. xQd

    xQd Modding patch tester

    Ok the first update for this mod has been released,fixed some bugs and added a new cash reward system plus some little changes in the script code.

    Fixed bugs:When you activated a mission/activity during the attacks then you would not receive your powers back

    Cash feature:Cash reward begins to accumulate for each survived second and you will receive the money after you survived the whole attack.You receive your cash reward only if you survived the attack and it varies between 1800 and 5400 dollars.

    Every update description will be added in the OP with a " * " in front of the description.
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  8. yensid

    yensid Banned

    I really like this mod, adds more to the game and keeps the game alive longer by giving the player more to do. I'd like to see some thing like this for Saints Row The Third. One thing though, I don't really like the new cash reward feature, it would be great if you could have a separate version without the cash rewards for the more hard core players. And maybe if you could change those question mark things, they look little odd. other then that this mod is amazing, keep up the great work.
  9. Could you make a version with a larger interval between attacks? Somewhere between 10 to 30 minutes, or maybe tell us how to change that? I often run around the city for shits and giggles or looking for a particular car, and getting constantly attacked every 5 min would be a bit annoying.
  10. xQd

    xQd Modding patch tester

    Open up sr3_city.lua and comment out line 105 OR search for enc_give_cash_reward() and comment it out.

    There is already a mod like this for SR:TT.

    Open sr3_city.lua and at line 45 and 46 you will find the variables responsible for the intervals(min_time_enc and max_time_enc).They are based on seconds.
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