Rain's Mini-Mods: Just Enough Takeovers

This is a part of a series of mods I will be doing called Rain's Mini-Mods.
All of my mods are built for SRTTR based on files from SRTT.
This means all of my Mini-Mods work on both SRTT and SRTTR.

This mini-mod instantly unlocks 18 City Takeovers.

Ever get tired of the grind that you've done a million times by now? Lets just skip it.
To use this open the upgrades menu>Bonuses>City Upgrade.

NOTE: As soon as the 18 City Takeovers start it does not stop until it goes through all 18 so MAKE SURE this is what you want before you install this.

To install:
Drag unlockables.xtbl into /Saints Row The Third

To uninstall:
Delete unlockables.xtbl from /Saints Row The Third


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