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  1. Hello. I need some basic instruction on how to port an item from SRIV to SRTT. I would like to use the SCI-FI girls helmet (I think that's what you call it) for my character in SRTT. I have already used ThomasJepp tools to extract the str2 files, edited the textures, and have the tools and instruction on how to repack it. What I don't know is what to do next to make it work for SRTT and where it will be placed in game if it works. If anyone already has this item ported to SRTT (custmesh_1890709963) it would be greatly appreciated if it could be shared. If not, any tips on how I could do it is good enough.

    Almost forgot, I am trying to use the helmet for a male character...going for a kind of "Judge Dredd" look;).
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  2. Theres no big science if you already get used to the tools.

    Since SRTT doesnt allows to add new items, you must replace suff thats already in game. Ill suggest you to select an item with that is labeled as the same type of clothing. In your case, a hat or a helmet.

    1.- Unpack SRTT "customize_item.vpp_pc" this will give you access to every clothing item in game( .str2_pc) which is the one you need. Search for the item file using this list: https://www.saintsrowmods.com/forum/threads/list-of-customize-textures-and-in-game-names.11293/ (its an excel file)
    2.- Unpack your selected SRTT .str2_pc and the one from SRIV
    3.- Replace the extracted files from SR3 (ccmesh, cpeg, etc) with the ones from SR4 (make sure to rename them so they are identical to the vanilla SRTT files)
    4.-Now repack the .str2_pc with the replaced files and update the customize_items.asm_pc (This is the easiest way to update ASM files: https://www.saintsrowmods.com/forum/threads/sr3-asm_pc-files-updater.1561/)

    If you are not using the default body type, you may need to replace the .cmorph_pc file too, or you will get a buggy mesh.

    You might need to do some tests with different items tho, i have tried porting stuff and the succes may vary depending on what i choose to replace. If done properly, the ported item will replace the vanilla one, so it will show up on the store is coded at.

    BTW this is important, you must unpack and repack the SRTT .str2_pc with the GIBBEDTOOLS, if you use SRIV tools, it wont work.
  3. Thanks for responding back. Just so I understand you correctly:
    1. Replace the extracted files. Do you mean copy and paste the SRIV files into unpacked str2 files, or just rename the SRIV files to the SR3 file names and types?
    2. Do I edit my textures before or after I replace the extracted files?
    3. Update customize_items.asm_pc. I have an ASM Updater in my SR3 folder already that I have been using after I edit SR3 textures. Am I updating the asm.pc file with this or something else (and how do I do that)? The ThomasJepp updater that comes with the SaintsRowIV.BuildPackfileGUI only updates asms for SR2, 4, and GOOH.
    Sorry for the many questions...just want to try to get this right.
  4. 1.- Rename the SRIV files and copy paste them to replace the SRTT ones from the extracted str2_pc. Only change the name, the file format is the same for both games.
    2.- Do them before, this way you do all this in one step.
    3.- That ASM updater you have will work.
  5. As an update I followed your instructions using the SR3 Warrior Princess as my substitute for the SRIV Sc-Fi Helmet. I repacked the files, placed a copy of the customize_items.asm_pc in my SR3 install folder, and then updated the ASM. The Cmd prompt screen indicated that everything updated, but when I went in game and checked my wardrobe, the Warrior Princess Helmet was not there, just the name for it; no other helmet was in it's place.

    ...Also I forgot. These custmesh files come in twos so I have been editing both (the file that's just numbers and the one with the f on the end. When I repacked on of the SR3 files with the SRIV ones, some of the files duplicated automatically. There was also some unhandled exception screen that can up for that one and it didn't work with the ASM Update.
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  6. Thats what i meant with doing more testing. Nothing in game means that the asm is not updated properly or somethins else went wrong. I dont have much experience doing this tho so i cant really tell,I have succesfully ported only 1 item from 3 tests i made.
  7. Ok. I'll keep testing. I'll let you know if I ever have any success. Thanks again for the help.
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