PegTool extracting mess from SR2 (g_)peg_xbox2 files

Im trying extract textures from xbox verion files, and get wrong extracted files on output, so i have question: Is there any Pegtool version build that correctly support this files.
Tested version from github Gibbed.Volition v1.0.0 and v1.0.2, Gibbed-Minimul SR2 version from 2010 and version from "Tools for SR1". All versions extracting files wrong, but SR1 Tools/Gibbed-Minimul version look correctly colored, latest Gibbed.Volition v1.0.0 and v1.0.2 totaly messed

P.S. Im look in source code on github. Tool read all files only in little endian and trying extract not pc files in like pc files


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the gibbed redfaction2 tools work for it, big endian
I don't recall any of the peg tools ever working for Saints Row 2 [Xbox Version], every version I have used always extracted a garbled mess or errored out. There was somebody working on a dedicated xbox version of it but he couldn't figure out the swizzling issue so he quit working on it and that was maybe 4 years ago and can't recall his name. If you do have a version that works for the xbox version of saints row 2 it would be appreciated.