Packfile format for SR4

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    Packfile version is now 10 and the descriptor is still 0x51890ACE.

    Code (Text):

    // header for the packfile itself
    struct v_packfile_file_data {
        et_uint32       descriptor;     // packfile descriptor used to validate data
        et_uint32       version;        // version number of packfile
        et_uint32       header_checksum;    // checksum of the header(after this field)
        et_uint32       file_size;      // physical size (in bytes) of the source vpp file

        et_uint32       flags;          // packfile flags
        et_uint32       num_files;      // number of files in *data section
        et_uint32       dir_size;       // number of bytes in directory section
        et_uint32       filename_size;      // number of bytes in filename section

        et_uint32       data_size;      // number of uncompressed bytes in data files
        et_uint32       compressed_data_size;   // number of compressed bytes in *data section
    Code (Text):
    struct v_packfile_entry_file_data {
        char            *filename;
        et_uint32       start;          // offset from start of v_packfile::data (if data is valid)
        et_uint32       size;           // file size
        et_uint32       compressed_size;    // compressed file size
        et_uint16       flags;          // flags for this file
        et_uint16       alignment;      // alignment requirement of this file
    Flag data:
    Code (Text):

    // packfile flags
    #define PFF_COMPRESSED      (1<<0)  // packfile data is compressed
    #define PFF_CONDENSED       (1<<1)  // packfile data is run together
                        // NOTE: the data of multiple files is recieved in a single read

    // Packfile entry flags
    #define PFEF_COMPRESSED     (1<<0)  // this file is compressed
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