On-Foot Audio Player for SRTT v0.1

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On-Foot Audio Player for SRTT v0.1
Created by nclok1405 ◆VScYHamhfU
Download: srtt_ofap_v0.1.zip

=== Description ===
This mod enables you to hear music during on-foot. You can switch station with Radio Station Switch keys, and you can push your Community Screenshot key (Default: F11) to skip to the next song.

It is strongly recommended to bind Prev/Next Radio Station keys to something different from Taunt/Complement keys. I recommend , (colon) and . (period) keys like in Saints Row IV.

=== Customization ===
You can open "module_ofap.lua" using a text editor to customize this mod.

Flags near the beginning of the file:
* OFAP_SHOW_SONG_TITLE: Set it to 'true' to show song title whenever a new song starts playing, or set it to "false" to not display song title
* OFAP_CAR_RADIO: Change 'false' to 'true' to automatically turn off the on-foot audio and enables you to use the vanilla car radio
* OFAP_SHUFFLE: Change 'true' to 'false' to not randomize the play order

Each entry in this table represents a radio song.
Each entry has a flag named "mixtape". Change the "mixtape" flag to true to add the track to your on-foot Custom Playlist.

=== Installation ===
If you are playing Saints Row The Third: Remastered, install Loose Lua Patch first.

Copy "module_ofap.lua" and "sr3_city.lua" to Saints Row The Third's folder.

Default Steam Location: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Saints Row the Third

If you are currently using another sr3_city.lua mod, follow these instructions:
1. Copy "module_ofap.lua" to your game's folder BUT NOT "sr3_city.lua"
2. Open your sr3_city.lua with a text editor
3. Insert the following line at the top of the file:
4. Search the line that contains "function sr3_city_main()"
5. Insert the following line next to the "function sr3_city_main()":
6. Save sr3_city.lua and hope it works!

=== Credits ===
Main Mod Codes:

Original Sandbox+ for SRTT:
IdolNinja, mrtukleton, Corrodias, BadMadScientist, Pinnhead, shitface, RetroGangster, daven

Sandbox+ - Things To Do In Steelport Edition:
Fan of Saints, IdolNinja, Quantum, Admixon, Erza Scarlet, JasonRyan
shitface, SkaterSaints, VSkyRimWalker, Xenoyaut,
Singa, -Iker-, rastaman289, Arondight, {JP}OchreHomo Mixer, P610, VSkyRimWalker

=== Changelog ===
On-Foot Audio Player for SRTT v0.1 (December 10, 2020)
* Initial Release


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