Nuanced Vehicle Handling

Credits to XLegendary BossX for the base handling files of this mod.

After playing the series for a while I was disappointed by how cars basically only differed in how fast they accelerate, their top speed, and that once you let go of Space in the middle of a drift the tires stick to the ground like superglue.
Especially with cars like the Torch, which is obviously rear-wheel drive... and that it reaches its top speed far too fast.
This first version keeps that arcadey Saints Row feel so vehicles other than the Torch, Machiavelli and Soul in One drive about the same.

Also, this is intended to be a *keyboard and mouse* mod as it limits max steering speeds. I don't know well how that behaves on controllers.

Generally, for every car:
[from XLegendary BossX's mod] Lowered angular damping & given nitrous
Lowered torque and increased top speed
Lowered Viscosity so they slide a bit
Tweaked friction & max friction for each tire
Steering speeds have been slowed down, so tires gradually turn instead of instantly. Kind of like Gentlemen of the Row for SR2.


Extract all .xtbl files into game folder with Saints Row Gat Out of Hell.exe .

If you'd rather find out for yourself how the cars behave just skip the spoiler below.

Detailed description of the changes:

Torch / Hellbat​

reduced Axle / tire friction from 3-ish to 1.1 | 0.92 front | back

decreased Torque from 500 to 375
Increased top speed from 85 | 95 to 95 | 120
slightly reduced steering wheel max speed from 1080 to 275,
friction tweaked from ? | ?* to | .6 | 0.7
max friction tweaked from ? | ? to 1 | 0.92
* I forgot the base stats and cannot be bothered to check the original files

Note that unlike any other car in this mod, the friction at the back is initially greater than the front (which generally causes understeer) and as it accelerates, the back will have less friction.
This results in the car fishtailing at low-medium speeds speeds and -sometimes- oversteer at high speeds, along with less instanteous steering. Just let go of the accelerator sometimes and save the nitrous for straights.

Halberd | Comet​

Lowered Torque from 350 to 250
Raised max speed from 75 | 85 to 88 | 666
Lowered viscosity from 0.5 to 0.35
Tweaked friction from .6 | .7 to .55 | .88 friction and max friction from 2 to 1
Lowered steering speed from 720 | 900 to 350 | 350

I gave it basically unlimited nitro speed to make Balls of Fire a little more amusing. Find a nice, big hill and spam that nitro button.
Lowered friction to let it slip a little while giving it that FWD feel. Mmm, understeer!

Kayak | Kayak​

Decreased torque from 600 to 400
Decreased viscosity from 0.03 to 0.01
Twekaed steering speed from 1080|1080 to 360 | 360

I decided to give it the Wow Caninaro treatment... sort of. (This version doesn't tweak suspensions yet.) The car is now awkward to drive, and is essentially a bootleg of what the Rambulance does.
The brakes are left as-is, though: maybe that's something.

Lincoln | Corroda​

Lowered torque from 310 to 200.
Increased top speed from 70|80 to 82 | 99.
Increased viscosity from 0.2 to 0.3
Changed front friction from .45 to .65 & max frictions from .95 | .95 to .8 | .95
Lowered braking from 2800 | 1800 to
Tweaked max speed steering from 45 to 25
Lowered steering wheel max speed & return speed from 1080 to 200

I found out the Lincoln Continential was RWD so it now has slight oversteer like the Torch but also can actually TURN now(viscosity).
To make the car feel heavier I lowered the acceleration torque and braking torque, and slowed down the steering speed.

Goat Cruiser​

increased max speed from 70 | 80 to 97 | 135
Lowered steering speed from 1080 | 1080 to 360 | 540

I don't drive bikes much even in GTA, so I've mostly kept it as it is, lowered the steering speed as usual and increased its top speed.
It's still better to drive than vanilla though. Thanks, XLegendary BossX!

Steelport Municipal | Minotaur​

Increased max hitpoints from 15k to 35k
Increased friction from .3 | .4 to | .6 | .575
Decreased back max friction from 1 to .5
Increased the mass from 5700 to 6700
Increased torque from 900 (? I forgot) to 1011 (lol HKS 180SX)
Increased max speed from 70 | 80 to 77 | 95
Reduced viscosity from 0.25 to 0.006
Reduced turning speed from 1080 | 1080 to 180 | 360

The truck handles like a heavier Lincoln now.
I increased the mass and hitpoints because there are, afterall, infinite exploding garbage bags.
The torque is -increased- to compensate for the mass and greatly reduces viscosity needed to simulate a garbage truck ""drifting"" better - at high speeds, there is some S L I D E .


Decreased viscosity from 0.02 to 0.007
Increased torque from 600 to 666
Increased top speed from 70 | 80 to 105 | 120
Changed friction from .5 | .5 to .8 | .65 and max from 1 | 1 to 1 | .8
Lowered steering speed from 1080 | 1080 to 360 | 540

The ambulance is about FAST and RAMMING (people) so I increased the torque and gave it a pretty unfair max speed boost. See how many people you can run over in a second while conserving speed!!
Like the garbage truck I made it just a little slidey.

Machiavelli Status Quo Limo​

lowered toqrue from 1000 to 880
increased top speed from 70 | 80 to 88 | 100
decreased viscosity from 0.02 to 0.015
Lowered steering speed from 1080 | 1080 to 360 | 360
Decreased brakes torque from 5000 | 5000 to 4000 | 4000
MADE CAR FRONT WHEEL DRIVE by changing back axle Engine Torque to 0, bringing it to the front axle
Increased front friction from .5 to .6

Oh boy. I looked up the Cadillac DeVille wikipedia and the car is front wheel drive from 1985 onwards. The wiki states the ingame limo is a 2002 model.
So, on one hand the car turns incredibly well despite the viscosity nerf, but...
YOU CAN NO LONGER TURN WHILE HAND BRAKING. can still do burnouts/donuts though, to unstick yourself. Also because it's funny/Saints Row.

Increased front friction since I -assumed- it would have more friction at the front since heavy, although in practice that just gives it more grip.
Remember, the key is to just brake. Sometimes you can still handbrake at high speeds though.

Predaceptor | Atlasbreaker Monster Truck​

Increased top speed from 75 | 85 to 92 | 125
Decreased torque from 900 to 800
Decreased steering speed from 1080 | 1080 to 240 | 240
Decreased viscosity from 0.03 to 0.015
Decreased tires friction from 1 | 1 to .7 | .8
& max friction from 3|3 to 2 | 1.9

This is the most OP change, felt it was needed since the demon cars are the only "new" cars while every civilian car feels like they came from the scrapyard.
It has 3 speed less than the Torch but has a higher nitrous max speed since, well, new shiny car.
Just be careful not to nitrous while turning - it's pretty hard to correct the slide once it initiates.

Soul in One Bear​

Decreased viscosity from 0.03 to 0.01
Lowered steering speed from 1080 | 1080 to 200 | 240
Increased top speed from 70 | 80 to 77 | 166
Increased tires friction from .7 | .8 to 1.3 | 1.1
& tweaked max friction from ? | ? to 1.4 | 1.5
Decreased braking torque from 6k | 5k to 5k | 4k
Increased drift multipliers from 0.8 | 0.05 to 0.9 | 0.04

I don't drive the Bear or APCs a lot in any other game, so I didn't give it as much care in comparison. I know that it shouldn't be -too- fast, though, so the top speed increase is minimal, while the nitrous top speed is just "why not?"
The grip loss when letting go of the accelerator is still there (Edit: its not). It may be worse.
Viscosity nerf & drift friction tweak should let it slide a little more though.


Lowered torque from 15k to 13k
Increased top speed from 25 to 40

I can't picture how the tank can be "more nuanced" so it gets the lower torque and higher top speed treatment.
Honestly, I don't even get to use the tank to test this since getting to Notoriety 5 is such a PITA. Tell me if it makes the tank nearly undrivable or something.
Edit: Yes the tank can barely steer at speed of 80 (higher top speed). Yes it's amusing.
I think 40 makes it not as terrible, but I'm having too much fun with the max speed version to bother.

For future versions I plan to make the cars' suspensions feel absorbent like in Driver 2, and add proper gearing for the cars. Who knows when that will happen...

The overall lowered torque makes NPC cars drive laughably slow on highways, but whatever lol.
I couldn't be bothered to find the thing that affects this.

XLegendary BossX for their Car Nitrous mod. They told me not to credit, but I'm evil like that :D
Voliton and High Voltage Games, for making Gat out of Hell possible.
You, for reading all of that, maybe giving feedback too. Thanks!


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Note to self: Judging from testing, 100 seems to be the hardcoded speed limit, and thus further increases in numbers won't affect much there. Tweak other parts of the car like torque instead.

Added a "higher maximum speed version" that doubles all vehicles' thereotical top speed, but in actuality the increases are pretty marginal (especially since I have no speedometer to find out). A lot of cars understeer really good at high speeds.
It's there though, for fun!
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