No Wings

This mod simply removes wings from your playermodel when flying.

Someone requested this and I wanted to do it as well. After some spelunking through the source files I finally found a way to get rid of them and thought I'd share it here.

Also included is a effects.xtbl which gets rid of the shield effect (optional).



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you should add asm_pc file too because it doesn't work
Strange. Works fine for me without the asm_pc file. I'll have a look when I get home.

Sorry if I screwed something up. Never modded something for SR other than changing some xtbl files.
Ok, I just tried updating the asm_pc file but it doesn't let me because I basically just removed the ccmesh out of wings.str2_pc.

Looks like this requires some more time that I currently don't have. If this mod really doesn't work (it does for me), feel free to remove this thread.
It causes the loading before a cutscene in campaign to get stuck like forever.. Generally happens if you are playing through missions.. (It may not get stuck in the first cutscene but it will definitely get stuck on any cutscene after that).. I checked it very well.. It just gets the cutscene to stop working. I have no other mod in directory.
Otherwise it works well..
A fix would be appreciated. I want to play through the missions with no wings. Cuz it really looks great.
Anyway great job :)