No Pain Sound Delay for SRGOOH

Edit 2: Made nut shot pc's cooldown also 0. Not trying to be down bad but if Kinzie makes different sounds on nutshot you gotta tell me ok.

Edit: found mod posting rules. this mod is now OSHA compliant
I always found it odd that your character reacts to pain but despite still taking damage from an automatic weapon or something, they always take 5 seconds until they decide to react again. This mods gets rid of that silent gap.
Like YeehawPhoenix I hated the pain voice delay... but they didn't make one for Gat Out of Hell, so here we are.

Extract voice_control.xtbl into same folder as the game's exe, like many other mods.

voice_control.xtbl is located in misc_tables archive.
Extract it using ThomasJepp.SaintsRow.ExtractPackfileGUI.exe.
We want to modify "voice - pain shout pc", specifically line 9942 <Local_cooldown>. Change to 0.
Place in root of game folder!

Many thanks to YeehawPhoenix for doing it for the other games, Minimaul for the modding tools, IdolNinja for the modding tutorial and anyone else I might've missed.

Go do whatever you want with no pain voice delay now, you!


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I'm a bit late but glad you figured out how to do it for GOOH! Tbh I wasn't too interested in making one for GOOH since I personally didn't care much for that title but you're very welcome for the inspiration of the mod!