No More Freeroam Nagging

This mod mutes all of the voice overs that stop you from having fun in freeroam if you haven't completed the story missions.
The subtitles still show up, but there's no voice anymore. I admit this isn't perfect, so a workaround is to turn off subtitles.

It also deletes other "nag" things that appear in some quests but I can't be bothered to check which ones. They're called "nags" anyway in the xtbl so... whatever.
Tell me if it crashes the game or something.

Sidenote: this also includes No Pain Voice Delay as it uses the same file.

Extract voice_control.xtbl into same folder as the game's exe, like many other mods.

Open voice_control.xtbl in Notepad++ (or anything with a better search function than regular Notepad.exe)
Ctrl+F to Find "nag"
Delete the <Entry> ...other stuff... </Entry> tags. MAKE SURE THE OPENING TAG MATCHES THE CLOSING TAG WITH THE SLASH.
Save, I guess


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