My Steelport emulator

Discussion in 'Tool Releases' started by Minimaul, May 11, 2019.

  1. I'll do a quick reinstall of the game because it's doing some weird shit. It says I don't have enough space on my drive to save the game (300 gb free lmao) and has deleted my save file for some reason.
  2. You extracted the files somewhere right? You're not trying to run the exe from the zip file I assume.
    Make sure that "Ready for connections" is displayed on the console the exe opens before you start the game.
    A reinstall shouldn't be necessary unless you really buggered up the game with mods. Your savefile is stored in the steam cloud and on your harddrive so it's weird it deleted it.
  3. Extracted them to desktop. Running the exe from there.
    Yeah it is showing "Ready for connections" immediately after I run it and before I run the game.
    Already downloading the game again so too late. lol
    ima check after it's ready to play if anything changed
  4. Got it to work finally!
    All I had to do was to restart Steam for some unknown to mankind reason. Now I feel dumb haha.
    Great work Minimaul! Your work is greatly appreciated.
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