My Saints Row 4 videos

I have been uploading SR4 videos to my YouTube. They are focused on the female boss beating the crap out of everyone. I have a lot more to share over time.
Thank you to the brilliant modders at this website and on Steam for providing the mods I use.

YouTube has age restricted many of them, but I do not think they are actually 18+. I hope I am not breaking any rules.

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Youtube sucks when i share my Female character the first time in my HD cam they restric ages for my videos since my female character in SR2 in image designed just wear underwear and pasties😆😆 luckily in the second upload i didn't get this age restriction
But i really like your character reminds me with Kaine from Nier 😉 thats why Its too risk right now to upload such thing like that
Check this video out!

I ran a vote letting them choose if I go easy on the annoying pedestrian... They chose no 😆

Unfortunately made this before my recent gore improvements

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It's pretty common for YouTube to flag certain types of content as ""adult"" or ""mature"" even if they're not actually explicit. It can be a pain in the butt, but it's just one of those things we have to deal with when we use the platform. If you're worried about the restrictions, you might want to consider using an online video compressor like to make your videos more web-friendly. It can help you reduce the file size of your videos without sacrificing too much quality, which can make them load faster and less likely to get flagged.
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