Murderbot Homies

Discussion in 'Homies & NPCs' started by DataSnake, Aug 31, 2013.

  1. That's because the Christmas DLC patch changed spawn_info_ranks.xtbl. I've updated the file, should work fine now.
  2. awesome mod! i'm getting both the bots and wardens, in the menu and on the streets...but i can't recruit them to follow. i can all other homies but not those 2. any advice? i tan the streamupdate asm tool
  3. O.M.F.G. DUDE !! ~ I gotta see at least a screen shot of this !!

    Terminator homies I'm so happy I might cry ~;D

  4. hmmm image a warden driving a car
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  5. We need follower cars that are top down models ~;)
  6. Is it possible to recruit the Murderbots? I would love to have a few drones that follow me around and blast the crap out of Zin. :D
  7. Incredibly old now I know....but I’m like super new to modding, this mod won’t work because I’m trying to use both Murderbot homies and the (Gpz) gang customization mod, and both use their own characters file, this is probably an easy fix but I wouldn’t know.....thank you for anyone with tips!
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