Multiplayer Extra Gangsta Brawl Maps Mod

This mod adds the original lobby maps including the tutorial map as Gangsta brawl playable maps.
This mod also adds two more lobby maps as gangsta brawl maps that were cut from the game.
1. Saints Row 1's Original Lobby map, however remastered on sr2 with upgraded textures and such.
2. Hangar Lobby, this map is very different from the original Gangsta brawl hangar map, it was intended to be a lobby map originally.

- The video tut is mostly for Campaign coop, but works for MP also, just remove GoTR before installing
the mod, you can use the originally patch builder by Gibbid for sr2.



  • SR2 Extra Gangsta Brawl MP Maps.rar
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Sr1 leftover lol but texture iusses on lights

How u play another dummy player anyways
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