Multiplayer Extra Gangsta Brawl Maps Mod

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  1. For those that still use evolve or hamachi to play multiplayer, this mod adds the original lobby maps including the tutorial map as Gangsta brawl playable maps.
    This mod also adds two more lobby maps as gangsta brawl maps that were cut from the game.
    1. Saints Row 1's Original Lobby map, however remastered on sr2 with upgraded textures and such.
    2. Hangar Lobby, this map is very different from the original Gangsta brawl hangar map, it was intended to be a lobby map originaly.

    To play the maps correctly with others if using Gotr, Give other player the modded file as they have to have it also.
    1. open evolve start a party, invite a friend.
    2. Have your friend download VPN Gate, its a vpn. If your friend has windows 7, he/she will need to start windows 7 with driver signature enforcement disabled.
    if they dont know how to do it, reboot computer and spam F8, untill a menu opens up and at the bottom that option will be there.
    They will have to do this eveytime they want to use VPN gate, so the network driver is usable as its not a signed driver.

    3. Once pc boots up and driver enforcement is disabled,l have your friends go ahead and install vpn gate.
    4. Once its installed, have your friend go ahead and end the evolve process in task manager.
    5. Once task has ended, have your friend go ahead and connect to a vpn relay, any vpn relay with 50mb and higher should do fine.
    6. Once connected and have a new assigned IP have your friend open evolve and join your party.
    7. Both players now need to start saints row 2 and both need to load a gamesave via load game option on main menu.
    8. Once both players have loaded a game, both players now pause game, go top options, quit game.
    9. Party host, needs to now go host a multiplayer game. Once loaded in, have the other player look for a game.
    - Other player should be able to find host game everytime using this method.

    You had to load a gamesave to fix the naked npc gitch while in MP that doesnt let other players join your game.
    You had to use vpn gate so you could find a game no matter what.

    Also if you play strong arm gamemode. After every match you will have to end the game and reload a gamesave to fix the naked npc glitch.

    Everytime you want to play with somebody, 2nd player has to start windows 7 with driver signature enforcement turned off. They have to end evolve process if its
    open. Close saints row 2 if its open. Start vpn gate, connect to vpn, then join host party in evolve. Also host has to have a party started and be in it before saints row 2
    gets opened. Once thats done, player 2 can now start saints row 2 and play.


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  2. Nice I also like the Sons of Samedi outfit your character is wearing.
  3. That was a legit random character the game gave me when I went into the lobby. I also don't normally play as a girl char unless a game makes me.
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