Morningstar female soldier enemies and female cops

Your mod is great! I had a blast!!! Did you use any tool to modify it? If so, can you tell me what it is? I would love to modify it myself. Thank you so much!
Download notepad++ and you can edit the character.xtbl file directly. Edit the character.xtbl file with notepad++

Check this link for character names:
As you can see there is a character name on the left and a spawn info name on the right. Once you open the xtbl file with notepad++ it will look something like the link I shared with you. Press ctrl f and search for the character name you want changed, then on that same row of the character, change the spawn info found to the right side. Look at the photo I sent you for reference.

If you want an untouched character.xtbl file without any of the edits I have already made then you're going to need to extract one of the files in the game.

Tutorial link:

However this is an extraction tool that only works for saints row 3, not remastered. But if you extract a character.xtbl file from sr3 and paste it into saints row remastered it will work, thats what I did. However I opt you go for the first option causer this second option is more of a hassle. Hope this helps.


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I finally know how to do it! Thanks so much!!! I don't have an old version of saints row 3, can you upload the unmodified character.xtbl?