Morningstar female soldier enemies and female cops

Your mod is great! I had a blast!!! Did you use any tool to modify it? If so, can you tell me what it is? I would love to modify it myself. Thank you so much!
Download notepad++ and you can edit the character.xtbl file directly. Edit the character.xtbl file with notepad++

Check this link for character names:
As you can see there is a character name on the left and a spawn info name on the right. Once you open the xtbl file with notepad++ it will look something like the link I shared with you. Press ctrl f and search for the character name you want changed, then on that same row of the character, change the spawn info found to the right side. Look at the photo I sent you for reference.

If you want an untouched character.xtbl file without any of the edits I have already made then you're going to need to extract one of the files in the game.

Tutorial link:

However this is an extraction tool that only works for saints row 3, not remastered. But if you extract a character.xtbl file from sr3 and paste it into saints row remastered it will work, thats what I did. However I opt you go for the first option causer this second option is more of a hassle. Hope this helps.


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Interesting. Let me know if you'll manage to do this in the future for SR2. I'm interested. :)
The closest thing you can get to playing as the Morningstar soldier model is creating a character that looks similar to them and downloading the morningstar soldier outfit mod in saints row 4. That mod uses the outfit the soldiers wear in saints row remastered. I'm hoping they can bring this outfit mod to remastered to but so far no one has been able to do it yet
These morningstar soldiers are my favourite grunt type enemy in any videogame and I was pretty disappointed that they barely show up in any cutscenes of the game so I decided to take matters into my own hands. The mod is fairly simple, it replaces female characters and other minor npc's in cutscenes with these soldiers as well as replacing cops with some of the female hooker assassins. Almost all gang members are morningstar female soldiers now and aslo the hos in the "trojan whores" mission. Kinzies voice actually goes really well with the clara soldier model and its pretty cute.

Since the model is different, some audio between characters wont be said anymore. For example if you and shaundi are talking inside a vehicle, because she is now a Morningstar solder she wont say her line. Other times they will say their line. If you spot any problems with the missions then please let me know in the comments.

Just simply download the mod and paste it into your saints row remastered folder.
Hey can we use this mod for vanilla version (sr3)