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Has anyone figured out how to mod cutscenes in Saints Row The Third? I did figure out how to export and edit their files, but I didn't figure out how to pack them back into .str2_pc since the only .asm file in the cutscenes.vpp_pc is cutscene_containers.asm_pc, but when I try to use that file as an .asm, the tools will crash.

Anyone got any idea how can this be pulled off?
I've been on this shit for over a year on and off and never can pull it off. I added the cutscene_containers.asm file to the ASM tools:

but when I want to update it, the tool gives me this:

I have successfully added an ASM file to the tools before to make a texture edit of the painting in Zimos' crib, and I added the cutscene_containers.asm file in the same manner.

When I looked for "unsupported primitive" on this forum, I found a few messages from a decade ago that basically allude to the tools requiring an update to fix the issue?

I tried using the SRIV tools in hopes of those being newer than gibbed tools and fixing this issue by extracing the cutscene with both gibbed and thomasjepp tools, moving the files I extracted with thomasjepp tools into the folder I extracted with gibbed and keeping the @streams.xml file in it to be able to repack it with gibbed tools, but the error persists when trying to update the ASM.
It's a bit tedious to do, but you can update asm files manually. First, you'll have convert the asm into an xml. Then, you can edit the xml in something like Notepad++.

For simplicity's sake, I used the intro cutscene (01_In), and edited its xtbl file.
I swapped the punks (PNKx) with Saints Flow mascots, and the actual Saints Flow mascot (FLOW) with Gat:

Once you've saved the file, note down its Size (Right Click > Properties):

Now, you'll have to find the definition of your container in the xml, and in the Primitives sections update the size of your file:

Update the file size in the Sizes section as well (it'll be the first one, since it's also defined first in the Primitives):

After you've packed your container, note down its Size, too (Right Click > Properties):

From the actual Size you'll have to subtract the DataOffset value to get the CompressedSize of your container:

5,463,888 - 53,248 = 5,410,640 <- This should be the new CompressedSize

After all this, you can just convert it back to an asm, and put it into your root folder along with the new container.

And the result:


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You have no idea how incredibly happy I am to have a way of actually making it work now. This has been holding back my meme videos since I started making them, and now the potential for them has skyrocketed. Thank you so much for the detailed explanation and how quickly you conjured it up!
Damn I'm way too much of an idiot to even attempt this. I'm not even smart enough to change the texture colors of the npcs. If someone can dm and help me with either of these things I would be grateful.