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Discussion in 'Tool Releases' started by Minimaul, Aug 19, 2013.

  1. Great tools, was able to use the GUI packer/unpackers to do some preliminary modding work. Is there a list of command line arguments for the non-GUI programs though? I checked the Guides forum but didn't see anything there. Whenever I try to run Stream2.exe I get "Unhandled Exception: System.IO.IOException: The handle is invalid.". I'm trying to add a new str2_pc to an asm, attempting to do this through BuildPackfileGUI gives the error "Couldn't find a container called (file) in the selected asm_pc file". Am I going about this the wrong way?
  2. Minimaul

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    Just run them in a command prompt with no parameters. It'll show you the parameters.

    There's nothing that will allow you to add a new str2 at present - that's on the list.
  3. With this tools I'll make my Saints Row IV translation to Hungarian language. Thanks for it!
    //Is there any solution to edit fonts? Any detailed tutorial for it? It would be so great.
  4. LuciusSaints

    LuciusSaints Banned

    Our not understand anything prefer designer creates any specification so
  5. Any chance of the asm to xml tool being released before the SDK?

    I'm running into issue's trying to port over cloths that were part of SR3 into SR4.
    1. Convert the str2_pc from SR3 to SR4 (remove the stream.xml as SR4 does not have it in the str2_pc pack file).
    2. Find and add lines into the Customization_items and Customization_stores table for said item of clothing.
    3. Find and carry over the matching *.cmorph_pc from the SR3 customize_item.vpp_pc
    4. Modify the customize_item.asm_pc to include the item name for clothing that is to be added - can not do this part currently.

    So the Base set for 1 item of clothing ends up with: 2 str2's (1 male/1 female), 2 tables, 1 morph, and the asm file...

    With the ASM to XML tool I could take the 4 instances that are listed in the SR3 customize_item.asm_pc for an item of clothing.
    And merge them into an updated SR4 customize_item.asm_pc (convert the SR3 asm, then use copy/past to a converted SR4 xml/asm then turn it back to an asm).
    And hopefully (arms,legs, fingers, and toes crossed) the item would show up and work at the respective store in SR4.

    Then again I may be shooting myself in the foot somewhere else :oops:
  6. Will Stream2Update work for SR3 as well? It works great for SR4, I've been messing around with SR3 mods and hope this easy to use version work for that as well :)
  7. Minimaul

    Minimaul Site owner Staff Member

    Not yet.
  8. Nice! and thanks again :D
  9. I too wanted this feature in my attempt to rename textures, but since I was just replacing text, and not adding it, hex editing the .asm_pc was enough. I don't know enough about hex editing to know how you'd go about adding to it, though.
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