Merging mods (many images within)

Discussion in 'Guides and Tutorials' started by Corrodias, Sep 14, 2013.

  1. Thanks to this guide (up to and including step 4) I have made my first mod! Now I have get off since it's been four hours since I started (research is hard).
  2. i get stuck on step 2, because for one, im using sr3 tools, and for 2, when i open them, nothing happens, and dragging and dropping gives an error.
  3. Im struggling to do it with gibbed for Saints row 3, im trying to merge two that both use the same asm but am having no luck
  4. Does console show some error when you trying to update asm file?
  5. You say that but my game crashes when I try to load the mod with the formatted version whereas it works fine when I try to load the mod with an unformatted version. As I tried with the privacy bar removal where the only change you need to do is set the disabled values to yes for the privacy bars. If I make changes with the standardize formatting, the game crashes, if I make changes without any formatting, the game loads fine and the mod works.
    So, how do I reverse the formatting? As there is one mod called "Woolen Princess" that comes with such standardize formatting and it breaks my game.

    Nevermind, I found out "Linarize XML" does what I wanted.
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  6. Wow, didn't knew such feature were existed, hahah. Thank you for such details on your tutorial, OP -- also heads-up for the said tool. Cheers.

    Edit: and the method works. I saw few posts mentioning that it might cause some sort of crash but it doesn't with me - so it's cool. That one awesome plug-in is essential for these tasks, which also helps [improve] the readability of the scripts.
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  7. I don't get the option for "pretty print with line breaks" with XBL installed, so I can't follow this tutorial beyond this step. Is there another way to do this?

    Actually I have another question, since I've been able to merge things alright so far.

    I have the original customization_items.xtbl, as well as one that apples a clothing fix and another that applies an uncensor.

    The tutorial is saying to compare the clothing fix xtbl file to the original and make changes to it, before I compared that one to the uncensor xtbl for conflicts between the two mods.

    But... if I'm comparing the clothing fix xtbl to the original, and applying any changes made to the original, isn't that the exact same as just turning the original xtbl into the clothing fix one?

    In that case, wouldn't I be cutting out an unnecessary step by just using WinMerge to compare the clothing fix xtbl and the uncensor xtbl?
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  8. It's not called "XBL".
    Make sure you installed the right XML Tools for your system's architect:
  9. Yeah I misstyped. I only had options for pretty print and pretty print with indents lol.
  10. Those are the options though, just try all of them and select the one which fits you best, it's just for human readability so you can compare the files. I think the indent is basically the same as line break.
    At the end, you need to Linearize them anyways as from my experience, the game crashes with the pretty print format.
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