Making the Ambulance Drift and the Torque Multiplier

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  1. As the title suggests, this is really two questions.

    I decided to go back to Saints Row 2 after several years, and after installing Gentlemen of the Row, my friend requested that I make the Ambulance handle better. And I can't figure out how to make the thing drift when you use the handbrake, it just gives a ton of understeer.

    The Perf_Torque_Multiplier value in the vehicle xtbl files multiplies a vehicle's torque when you purchase a torque upgrade. The torque upgrade by default increases engine power by 10%, using a multiplier of 1.1
    I thought I could maybe make some vehicles accelerate much faster after being upgraded, and it works when you drive it into a Rim Jobs/Semi Broken and apply the upgrade. But if you store the vehicle, and take it back out of the garage, the engine power reverts to the default. Removing and applying the upgrade will restore my custom values.

    Any idea what causes vehicles to revert to their defaults when I take them out of the garage?

    Edit: After a lot of experimentation, I managed to get the ambulance to handle much better through a combination of lowering the Normal_Spin_Damping, increasing front axle braking torque, reducing rear axle braking torque, and increasing Yaw_TorqueFactor.
    During the experimentation I learned that the Ambulance has a rather odd center of balance, requiring offsets in the Z and Y axis to keep enough weight on the front wheels to successfully turn at speed.
    Lowering the wheel friction of the rear axle wheels adds a tremendous amount of oversteer and hinders acceleration in RWD vehicles, I wouldn't recommend it.

    Still curious about the Perf_Torque_Multiplier not applying properly. Makes me wonder if storing an upgraded vehicle, then taking it out of the garage causes it to lose the 10% boost it normally gives. The torque upgrade has such a small effect I can't really tell.
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