Language String Editors - SR:TT AND SR2

Discussion in 'Tool Releases' started by Minimaul, Jun 18, 2013.

  1. Thank you!:)
  2. I have similar problem like DIMASSSS, but only with voice_us.le_strings. Other files extracts normal. But in voice_us.txt i have somethig like this:

    1000015738: "I need to de-stress. I have an idea for something fun."
    1000209521: "You okay? Where's Matt?"
    1000297650: "You did it! The shield's down."
    1000501656: "Then I'm good. Let's do this."
    1000677015: "Thank you, NyteBlayde."
    1001465062: "Let's do this..."
    1001546053: "Johnny, man, do you know where you are? I mean really?"
    1001753000: "Are you kidding me? Shaundi, this means first I get to blow up a lot of shit, then we get to take the WHOLE TANK!"
    100181352: "Jesus Shaundi, you had me worried there for a minute."
    1001857988: "I think I made it."

    Is there way to have something like in subtitle_us.txt:

    "Story_00_In_05_Narrator": "Or puckish rogues living a life of mirth and whimsy?"
    "Story_00_In_06_Narrator": "The Saints needed clarity of purpose, and so the course was set..."
    "Story_00_In_07_Narrator": "More fun, less mercy killing."
    "Story_00_In_08_Narrator": "This simple choice revitalized the Saints, transforming them from a degenerate street gang into beloved pop culture icons."
    "Story_00_In_09_Narrator": "But even then the Saints were not satisfied..."
    "Story_00_In_10_Narrator": "For it's one thing to be revered as a hero, it is another to be a hero."
  3. What do the numbers mean and where do they link to? Let's say I want to add a new weapon to the game, and want to create a new string for its display name. What do I do?
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