Kinzie's Shirt Fix - Gat Out of Hell

I included the photoshop file with a few different color options in the rar. You can easily put in any color you want with minimal effort. If you are new to the process then check out some tutorials on you tube. The link below is the one I used. If you want me to add more colors, then it will have to wait a few days since my time is a bit limited right now. I hope this was helpful.

As I said, my time is limited right now.
You might want to give the process a try though. It's pretty easy and you might enjoy yourself.
Hi Erronis, I'm giving it a try, maybe you can help me by just telling me the name of the file corresponding to Kinzie in the "customize_item.vpp_pc" folder, as the tutorial says is not always going to be easy finding the file corresponding to what you'd like to mod. I'm used to use photoshop to modify colors in items from Skyrim so I already changed the color of Kinzie's shirt to black but I can't understand how to repack it. If I'm able to do it I'll be very happy sharing with all of you, maybe doing some requests.

PS: The "customize_item.vpp_pc" folder seems to have every hair style from Saints Row IV, do you guys think is possible to change Kinzie's hairstyle too?
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Ok, i got it! Here is the Black Shirt version. Its late now where I live so tomorrow I'll keep working on it and change other things.

(Just drop the two files in the main folder along with the "SaintsRowGatOutOfHell.exe")


  • Kinzie - Black Shirt.rar
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So... i found the hair file (custmesh_2027108967f) and here it is a black hair, t-shirt and pants version. I'll keep playing with it, see if I can find a "face" file, try different textures for clothes and maybe... a hairstyle change?


  • Kinzie - Black Hair, Black T-shirt - Black Pants.rar
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Can you release Black TShirt and Black pants version only....I don't like her new Black her...
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Can you release Black TShirt and Black pants version only....I don't like her new Black her...

Just don't drop the file corresponding to the hair (custmesh_2027108967f.str2_pc). Only drop to the main folder the "customize_item.asm_pc" file and the "custmesh_-196560052f.str2_pc" file and the hair should stay the same.

I did it Black not only because I like it :) but mainly for pure testing. If you like a specific color I'll be glad to try it.