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Just Some Mod Ideas I Would Love To See In Saints Row 2 (#WARNING: NERDISH AS HELL#)

Discussion in 'Mod Requests' started by NERD BROSKI, Jul 5, 2018.

  1. Hey guys! I am a HUGE Saints Row fan and I started playing Saints Row back with Saints Row 3 (Yes....I know the one where the series went down the toilet). By far my favorite game of the series has to be....well....Saints Row 2. And I recently have gotten the PC version of this on Steam and I have most recently have gotten Gentlemen of The Row for it which makes TEN TIMES more fun #ALLHAILIDOLNINJATHEPATRONSAINTOFSAINTSROW.
    But there are some mods I would love to see made for SR2. I would made make some of these ideas for myself (Hell I was modding Saints Row 4 *COUGH**COUGH*SHAMLESSPLUGFORMYMODSONSTEAMFORMYTFMODS*COUGH**COUGH*) but I don't even know how to even get started lol. But for those how are still reading this and are modders yourselves please consider these ideas! And if you make one of these ideas into my mods please let me know so I can try it myself and I can be your little test subject for the mod. SO PLEASE CONSIDER THESE IDEAS AND ALSO *WARNING THESE IDEAS ARE BASED ON MY NERDISH LIKES SO YOU HAVE BEEN WARN*!
    _________________________MOD IDEAS I HAVE IN MIND____________________________

    1) A Mortal Kombat Ninja Suit: I dunno why I but just would love have a suit like this in the game for giggles. I got the idea after seeing how Jyunchi (God I hope I spell it right), aka the Roinn guy with the two swords, and how he pretty much embodies the ideas of a Mortal Kombat character. He all about honor and nobility and sometimes even cunning. I couldn't help but wanna play as a Mortal Kombat character when I played the Roinn missions and beat the crap out of them with my hands. What I would love to see in this mod to have a Mortal Kombat ninja suit that is colorable (So I can play as any ninja character including : Sub-Zero, Ermac, Noob Saibot, Rain, Smoke, Scorpion. Or even as the female ninja characters: Kitana, Jade, Mileena) and either, up to you the modder and whether it would be easier on you, have the ninja mask separate from the costume or as part of the costume. Here some reference pics for what I love to see, you the modder can choose which version you want to make:
    1453804837_scorpion-mortal-kombat-animated-gif-1.gif Scorp_final.gif
    2) A GOD OF WAR Kratos Suit/Kratos's Blades of Chaos/Kratos's Tattoos: BOI WHY NOT! I mean both the Boss and Kratos are literally both are sadistic killers who so no mercy to those who wrong them. I mean Kratos beat Zeus, the King of Olympus, to death with his bare hands to a bloody pulp and the Boss had Mareo's girl crushed by Mareo and his big ole monster truck. Why wouldn't he be perfect the game! Any who what I would like to see in this mod is Krato's A ) suit and B ) Blades of Chaos and finally his C ) tattoos. For the suit it can be a simple variant of some skirt in the game if possible I again I have never modded SR2 before in my life only SR4. For his Blades of Chaos, his main weapons from God of War 1 through 3 including the prequels, I would mind seeing them just being either simple retextures of the machete in the game or a re-model of the machete to look like the blades. Plus I would absolutely love to see if it possible that the blades can be duel wield again if possible. As for his tattoos I wouldn't really care if they are just simple retextures of some of the tribal tattoos you the modders can do what would make easier on you guys. Here some reference pics that, hopefully, help show what I mean: kratos00.jpg BLADEMACHETE.png
    3) An Tommy Gun In The Game: I got the idea that I wanted one because I kinda wanted to play as an old school mob boss but I realized that there isn't really an old school rifle in the game so I am wondering if can anyone make a Thompson gun for the game. I can be a simple re-model of another rifle in the game.
    _________________________________FINAL WORDS______________________________
    Now I know that some things could be nearly impossible and I get that. I am not saying it would be an easy job to do but I would LOVE to see if ANY of this ideas made into a mod. I will definitely owe you, the potential modder who wanted wants to make one of these ideas into a mod. Any who I am signing off for now and I hope to hear back from anyone who wants to make one of these ideas into a mod or even hear back from someone who agrees with some of my ideas. See ya guys later.
  2. Admixon

    Admixon Administrator Staff Member

    Everything is possible... for Saints Row IV.
  3. @Admixon Yeah true. But I thought it would have been fun to see some of these ideas in Saints Row 2.....even though it probably destroy the illusion in Saints Row 2.