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    Hell yeah, who doesn't wanna be Johnny Gat?
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  3. THIS MOD IS SO GOOD! Rewatching those cutscenes has never made me happier! PLEASE PLEASE make this for Saints Row IV!
  4. The best mod in history of modding.
  5. Replace Ammo Pierce with Gat and it would be cool
  6. Can you make this mod to not removing random citizens and cars in your sight? I'm fine if some of them won't be Johny Gats lol. Because it's really annoying when you lose your car during a mission, the next objective is in ~1km and you cannot call for a new car or for a homie. Also the city feels totally lifeless, obviously.
  7. @kuto, the city was more lifeless in the normal SR3.
  8. Is there any mod to just my character be Johnny gat , and play as Johnny gat ?
  9. I just wanna play as Gat
  10. Cool !!! Johnny Gat The Danger Man In MANKIND History....
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