Character Customization Jeans please**

hi there! I've never posted here before, it will be the first time for me so wish me luck :) anyway I have a request about Saints Row 3 character customization. I've played Saints Row 4 and loved it so much! but Sr3 always been my favorite game. so I wanna use this "hipster jeans" from Sr4 in third game. I scoured mod sites to find this but couldn't find anything. is there a any way to make it? thx! ~.~

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Ouch! i'm not sure if it's ok to port items from one game to another... I'll summon an admin if you don't mind
EDIT: moderator let me know porting is allowed (except for SR1. we don't mess with consoles)!
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Porting items between the Saints Row games is perfectly fine and approved by Volition and DeepSilver, that includes DLC items, as long as the mod doesn't unlock a paid item. For example a mod that unlocks the Bloodsucker Pack's animation in SRTT would be DLC piracy, but porting the animation to SRIV, where you can't purchase that animation, it is perfectly fine. The other exception is porting assets from SR1 because that involves console modding which is against this forum's rules.