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is there a mod that has these mods

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by OneLegendaryGamer, Jan 29, 2017.

  1. Hello there is there a mod that has the following: all bridges to before "My Name is Cyrus Temple" mission, the Saints HQ is purple at night, after completing the game, the barricade at Sunset Park when STAG arrive is gone, and lastly, Arapice Island is no longer a zombie island. If there is a mod where could i find it?
    Thanks very much :)
  2. Hi There.

    I haven't tested this yet, but I was looking through the SR3_City.lua files included in the sandbox+ and the random encounters mods to see if there was a way to combine the mods the other day. I've added some lines of code to the easy encounters mod lua file in the city_init function:

    function sr3_city_init()

    -- TJB910 Test of overriding the zombies
    spawn_override_change_hood_alternate_spawning("HOOD_ZOMBIE", false)
    city_zone_swap("chemcrash", false)
    city_zone_swap("zombies", false)
    traffic_disable_drawbridge_area(1, false)
    traffic_disable_drawbridge_area(2, false)
    traffic_disable_drawbridge_area(3, false)
    traffic_disable_drawbridge_area(4, false)
    traffic_disable_drawbridge_area(5, false)
    traffic_disable_drawbridge_area(6, false)
    traffic_disable_drawbridge_area(7, false)
    traffic_disable_drawbridge_area(8, false)
    traffic_disable_drawbridge_area(9, false)
    traffic_disable_drawbridge_area(10, false)
    traffic_disable_drawbridge_area(11, false)
    traffic_disable_drawbridge_area(12, false)
    traffic_disable_drawbridge_area(13, false)
    traffic_disable_drawbridge_area(14, false)
    traffic_disable_drawbridge_area(15, false)
    traffic_disable_drawbridge_area(16, false)
    traffic_disable_drawbridge_area(17, false)
    traffic_disable_drawbridge_area(18, false)
    traffic_disable_drawbridge_area(19, false)
    traffic_disable_drawbridge_area(20, false)
    traffic_disable_drawbridge_area(21, false)
    traffic_disable_drawbridge_area(22, false)
    traffic_disable_drawbridge_area(23, false)
    traffic_disable_drawbridge_area(24, false)
    traffic_disable_drawbridge_area(25, false)
    traffic_disable_drawbridge_area(26, false)
    traffic_disable_drawbridge_area(27, false)
    traffic_disable_drawbridge_area(28, false)
    traffic_disable_drawbridge_area(29, false)
    traffic_disable_drawbridge_area(30, false)
    traffic_disable_drawbridge_area(31, false)
    traffic_disable_drawbridge_area(32, false)
    traffic_disable_drawbridge_area(33, false)
    traffic_disable_drawbridge_area(34, false)
    -- end of TJB910 disable zombies test


    I think (!) this should lower all drawbridges and set zombie zone to normal state, but I'm not sure yet because I haven't had the chance to try it out. If you get some time and you're still interested, add this code to the easy encounters mod and see if it works. Also, I'm looking to add a condition in here that only does this if the final mission is complete but I haven't done that yet.

    If this works, it would solve 2 of your problems; not sure about the purple cribs as I haven't been working on that at the moment.

    Of course, the other thing you should be able to do is use the sandbox+ mod to change these kinds of settings at will. That might be even more useful for you.

  3. Update; I've posted my new mod to get rid of the zombies and drop the drawbridges after the game is complete; it's in mod releases now if anyone is interested