Idea to Redeem AOM

Do you think they'll do after AOM/Layoffs?

  • No More Saints Row (Like DefJam Icon to DefJam DJ)?

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  • Make a Game according to the Market (Mobile, Microtransaction, P2W)?

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Other than Bug Fixes, Optimization & Compatibility. I was going to put this in Mod Ideas, but this seems to big for Mods. WARNING: I DON'T HAVE THE GAME SO I DON'T KNOW WHAT ITS LIKE.
Pros - Offline Overwatch, Third Person Shooter, Vehicles
Cons - Selling to Overwatch Market vs Saints Row Market, Poorly Stable (Steam Reviews), Short Game (35Hours), No Co-Op (I don't do Co-Op, but a Lot of People wanted it)

A. Make a new Team called "Boss Management" & A Program called "Agent Maker" (As a DLC...Company needs money)
- The Boss Management Team uses those Agent Maker which allows you to use 3 or Less/More Custom Made Characters to Switch between and pick their Abilities from in-game characters & tweak it

- The Program would be similar to Sims Character Creation Demo or Allow Users with Community Access in SR3 & Sr4 to Send their Custom Character to a Server to then get a Link or Sign into a Site that allows them to download a Installer for their Agent to Install into AOM
- If you can't have characters from Different Teams on the Same Team, Agent Maker can fix that by Duplicating the Agent as Ghost/Doppleganger Agent
- Progress can be saved via Agent Maker Installer or Game, if Possible Manage your Custom Agents in the Game (Simply Delete, View Progress)

B. Origins as DLC
- I've seen this done in RE7 (Daughters DLC), and though I didn't like the game, I've notice that Full Games based on Origin (SR1 & SR2) aka Remaster/HD kind of suck cause of great New Features being left out where as putting an Origin in a New Game allows New Features, Old Faces, Old Storyline, Low Price & Better Graphics
- Also its sometimes better to not drag out the origins (Znation did this perfectly)
- Origins of AOM Agents too, allow users to play their origins

C. DLCs of Continuing the Ending of the Last Games
- Someone said this in a Gat out of Hell Video, and I was thinking the same thing for all those Mortal Combat, Injustice, Tekken, Street Fighter & Capcom Versus Endings where each character has its own ending, WHY NOT MAKE A DLC FOR ALTERNATIVE ENDINGS (SR4 = 3, GOOH = ~3-5) so people can continue the Endings (I'm assuming AOM is Gat as a Cop DLC, but I think the Overtopness should be brought down a little more)
- AOM does seem like The GOOH's Cop Ending Idea, but like an Airball...sure Gats a Cop, but the Detail wasn't their, no Gat chasing down Bad guys, merging his life with Steeltoe and finding out Gat gets a Call from AOM

D. Use the Engine for Other Games or Combine Your IPs
A lot of people mention using the engine for something else

- "Galaxy on Fire 4 - Planet Clusters" (A True PC game), where we can fly in Space & have shoot guns on foot (I know Star Citizen is doing this, but when GOF wasn't available on Android & Galactic Phantasy Prelude was, then ending to that game made me thing, Flying & Shooting on the Ground RPG similar to Star Wars Battlefront Elite Squadron) = SR Powers, Clothing/Character Customization, Weapons/Costumes & Story + GOF Ships, Story, Weapons & Ecosystem

- "Records Battle Remix" Idea is based on Defjam Fight for NY & Icon, I wanted to make it myself, but thought where the next DEFjam FFNY should be and I came up with this (More on my phone)

- "Records" vs "Rap" = I'm not including Rap, but Classic, Pop, Rock & Techno
- "Battle" = Fighting, Teammates and more
- "Remix" = Cause of Icon poor rate due to taking out the good parts of DefJam & focusing on the Music (Director & We got Beat Drop Environmental Damage...good, but not great), Remix would a Redeeming Name even though I feel the budget and cost of music and artist likeness was expensive so I came up the idea of each Roaster Fighter based on The Type of Music & Clothing they spoke Instrumently as if Sims & MIB2 when Agent K Beatboxes to an Alien...their is a program that turns humming into Instrumental music so the Voice acting can be based on that + Emotion & Speed...plenty of characters that can communicate via Sound like Transformer's Bumblebee (The Fighting style has nothing to do with the Music, but the Stance & Movement wiould be based on Music)
- Sandbox Roaming (Few Fighting Games have this like Yakuza & NFS MW), got the idea from Icon beginning, basically you can roam, start Street Fights and the crowd can form a barrier, but their are interior fights in buildings, garages, etc, its like Saints Row DefJam (Small Map + Detail = Jem), you can use Vehicles to travel with Crew (Own Multiple Vehicles so Crewmembers can use Rides to travel (Speed depends on Vehicle), They can be customized, they store items like Healing, Weapons, Change of Clothing, etc)
- Crewmates (Its been done before in SR3 & SR4 as Follower not Switchouts like AOM), but this can be used as Lives (Continue fight with Other Members), Gang Moves (Combine Forces for Specials), Sending Crew Members to fight other fights so Players can do multiple interior fights at the same time, Use them to generate Income by sending them on Escort Mission as Bodyguards (If they need help you get to play as them)
- Buy Weapons to start off the Fight off with and Food that enchances you like start with Blaze, Regain Blaze Faster, Double Cash Reward, etc (Foes can use this too, so Fat Foes are harder to beat)
...I going to stop...its 1am were I am
- "Saints Row: 12:34 O'Clock" The is basically saying your going to combine all of best parts of Saints Row into 1 Game, anything else is DLC (Problem is remodelling a Lot of things), then tie the game to that time in game, so that maybe there is a voting system of what happens next for SR

D. Has anyone played Home Street on Android?
Its like Sims with Saints Row art style and the customization is tamed, very productive and fair (Pay for clothing & change color, sometimes you have to simply pay for color, but its better than paying for Clothing in Different Colors). I made a 3rd Street Sainthood Neighbourhood.
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Agents of Mayhem's biggest problem is that it's unpolished. The design, and concept is pretty much just Saints Row with a twist, but the result was rushed and unpolished on PC at least. Now for what Volition should do...ships kinda sailed on AoM, but they obviously should have just put all their resources into a massive Saints Row game. Instead they rushed what appeared to be a new IP that turned out to be a stripped down Saints Row. This in many ways IS Saints Row 5. Personally I don't see things getting better. If they failed to fully develop AoM, the chances of a SR5 that meets the expectations of the fans feels unlikely, especially as they reduce staff.


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There's been an ongoing disconnect between what I think they should do and what they actually will do, ever since SR4. I will never understand why they thought AOM was a better idea than SR5. Maybe Saints Row was Steve Jaros' baby, and when he left, they just gave up on it. Maybe they didn't have the financial resources to do it properly, so they didn't even try. But I can't pretend to predict what they'll do next. I know they should make Saints Row 5, and they should include the characters that we all know and love, and it shouldn't be a crazy space spoof. But if they don't have the resources to do a good job, things aren't looking good. They have some great talent working at Volition. Management just doesn't seem to know how to lead the company in the right direction. Sadly, many great companies with very talented people have fallen due to poor management.
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While playing AOM it becomes quite obvious that it's Saints Row light. My wild guess. They intended on a coop/online multiplayer game, then ran out of money so they rigged it to be offline single player. This wouldn't be new for Volition. Look at SR3. Most people didn't notice, but a number of side missions suddenly go in random directions, or copy another Activities structure. Volition have become master of making chicken salad out of chicken shit, but I think AOM was just too much shit to handle. It's still not terrible. It's impressive in many ways, but not for fans of Saints Row. There is no doubt a fan base for it, but it would almost have to have online multiplayer. I've played for about 8 hours,'s okay, but it's just not my thing I guess. It's like they took Saints Row 4 and removed everything I liked and left only the things I didn't. Personally, I want a in universe reboot. I'd like to see them modernize their engine, and create something actually NEW. Start the franchise over from scratch and combine what worked in different games, and remove what didn't.
Has anyone played Home Street on Android and notice the Similarities between Saints Row & Home Street (Changing Clothing Color vs Preset, THE HAIRSTYLES, They have a DuoMorph vs TriMorph).
You know (rumor) when Kojima was making MGS5 that he was working on other games, maybe the people making SR knew the IP was doomed so they made something Mediocre on purpose (Concept Art & Progress Videos for Investors, not Fans).

Home Street is a Lite Pay 2 Win game on Mobile...2 Elements for making a Lot of Money in Gaming, but then again Volition is in Quebec or France and Supersolid is in London so nevermind...maybe they are working on SR5, just need the money and figured make a PC & Mobile know devs always go after the market.


Based on Votes so far I think everyone thinks Volition learned its/to listen/lesson, but I hope we don't get a "They slapped the Saints Row Name on it" situation and then say "It would be great if it didn't have the Saints Row name, it would do better on its own".

FYI Home Street can run on a 2012 Phone...not a of new games work like that, also I wouldn't call Home Street characters Home Streeters...I would call them Homies.
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When I started playing Home Street on apknite was great, 4 stars. I would say 5***** if it didn't kick you out every 10-15 minutes. You could arrange and decorate your house, buy clothes and complete jobs. Now all I do is complete jobs. The job inbox starts giving you jobs with items from workstations you can't afford to "buy" from the coins the jobs give you, and some of the items take, literally, hours to make.
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