SR:TT How to find vehicles formatted in *.SR3V file on PC? Where are these data files located? [UNSOLVED]

Where in the Saints Row: The Third game source I can acquire a "*.SR3V" vehicle file from? Anywhere I can find all game vehicles in *.SR3V format? I'm trying to add specific unobtainable vehicles in my garage game save using the Saints Row Collection tool. But the program im using requires me to add any vehicle in this "*.SR3V" specific files. I need help from someone special. Any other vehicle file such as "srt2_pc" can't be added since its invalid data according to the program. How am I suppose to grab the correct vehicle files to add in my garage manually. I'd appreciate if someone investigates this problem for me and gets it solved. Thanks.
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Go to Saints Row: the Third editor via Saints Row Collection by opening any PC game save, and extract any vehicle from the garage tab. Then check the vehicle file you extracted. For example "car_name".SR3V


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Just extract the files if you don't believe me.
That's inside vehicles.vpp_pc

And if you extract any str2_pc file

There's also vehicles_preload.vpp_pc but it contains cvtf_pc files only
Okay then how will I be able to add vehicles to the garage tab from the editor? When I load in a vehicle file, it gives me an error saying invalid data